sâmbătă, 25 august 2012

Music to the Ears (G-Dragon- One of a Kind)

G-Dragon is back baby!And he's definitely back with a BIG Bang! Seriously, his song sounds awesome and the MV is really one of a kind. Sincerely, I was waiting for something completely out of the whole K-pop mentality. He looks very gangsta and badass. Him, as an artist, never ceased to amaze me with his songs. However, differently than being with Big Bang, as a solo artist he seems to be more comfortable with amazing the audience. He's doing his own thing, never changed his style, but he definitely evolved.

Now, the MV is very well done and thought. He even used his old costumes from each single, which he broke as a sign of evolving and improvement. For me, the whole video screams what he wants to show the fans that they see him as. Everyone sees him as this sex symbol, everyone's going crazy after what he does, what he wears and of course there are the haters. I do believe half of this song is done especially for them. He's young, he's a fashion icon, he's a talented musician, he's rich and famous. It's a very powerful comeback and if you ask me, I believe he wants to also show freedom. That's something he doesn't really have with all the fans around. I heard how he's cold towards his fans. Whose fault is that? I never heard someone yelling JiYoung oppa but G-Dragon. Also trust, for someone like him, is very important. He said himself how sensible he is and believe me, with the rumours of a plagiarism and that scandal with marijuana, you stop trusting people easily. I'm a VIP and I understand him fully. Also, my favourite out of them all is Seungri so I'm pointing out these things from an outside view. Most of my friends are GD biased but I don't think one of them would ever lose their faith and trust into what  he is, as a whole.

Now, like I said, the message is clear. He's one of a kind, one artist/man who knows what he's doing and ain't going to change or stop his personality. But, like I said above, he shows the image of G-Dragon not the image of Kwon JiYoung. Besides that, the song is definitely like a slap in the face.

I'm really happy with how the song and MV turned out, I liked that adorable baby bear and adorable baby tiger, I like the song a lot and he's very courageous.

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