miercuri, 22 august 2012

'What I Like About...' B1A4

Aigoo, when I saw how I completely forgot about them, my heart sank. They are the cutest band out there, I swear. I first listened a while ago to Baby I'm Sorry and sincerely, Gongchan caught my eye instantly (and still does). Of course. the MV is completely a failure and the song itself says nonsense if we would look at it closer but if it wouldn't have been for that song, I wouldn't have found B1A4 so, thank you Jinyoung, even thought the song you wrote has no sense whatsoever. Anyway, their English improved and I'm proud to see they also improved as a whole.

Beautiful Target was the peak of their cuteness, or that's what I thought before seeing Baby Goodnight. I though I will die from so much adorableness. Since they look good I though I should really check out their live performances to see if they worth my attention or not. Surprisingly (and I was very surprised), they do sing well. Baro's voice is husky and deep and it attracts a lot of listeners. His voice is somehow the opposite of his looks (kind of like Chanyeol from Exo). I can say easily that Sandeul is the voice in the band because his vocal timbre is the best and the most worked, if you get understand me. Of course, this band still surprises me and I bet there's going to be more to them than they let to show. I do appreciate their prince and nice guys looks and idea but they need to grow up and be men so I'm definitely waiting for that to happen.

Now, I started B1A4's Hello Baby and I have to say I was right. I knew they wouldn't make good fathers because they are too innocent themselves. They are not kids anymore but they are definitely not mature men. I'm a fan of them but they tend to take the easy path in the show and that is to concentrate more on the easiest child. But, they are indeed really funny to watch. It is entertaining and I really appreciate how they try to be good appa. Of course, my eyes went often after Gongchan (I can't stop it. I also have something for maknae's) but out of them all, I thought CNU would be the best appa, since he seems to be the most mature out of them, but it seems Baro is better. I believe he surprised me the most in the show.

Anyway, with all their goods and bad, we love and appreciate what they do and I will always support these young and talented (and still innocent in my opinion) guys. B1A4 fighting! :)

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