vineri, 17 august 2012

Music to the Ears (F.Cuz- Dreaming I)

Heey, guess what? I'm getting obsessed with F.Cuz! It's kind of surprising for me because I've been listening to their songs for a while now but didn't have a big impact on me. However, with Dreaming I they got a new extraordinary, devoted fan. I mean seriously, I love that song. It's so inspirational for well...whoever dreams really high. The chorus is just so easy to remember and the song overall is awesome. Daegun's voice kills me every single time and his close ups just add to the feeling. Kan is just so hot standing and looking out the window...and being beaten up at some point.

Now, I've also been obsessed with Jiggy and Luv Holic (we all agree that Yejun was super cute in both of them) and back in those days, Daegun and Raehyun weren't in the band. I also liked LeeU. Anyway, Dreaming I's video wasn't anything complex or shiny. It was very simple with a school theme, which seemed to get the guys pretty well, and the maknae was also the troublemaker. Yejun seems to be the one who gets all of them together, one way or another. They are one, a band, and they can't let their own wishes and dreams be changed or influenced by others. Also, the idea of having children as a source of pureness and real friendship was a good idea.

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