duminică, 5 august 2012

'What I Like About...' The Marker

This time I'm talking about a band from my country, The Marker. I've seen them first a few years ago, even though they were already known. However, they are not that famous in my country. Paul is the vocalist and his voice is amazing. I tell you, I heard them live and they know what they're doing. |His voice sounds awesome and I love how he knows how to control it so well.

Their songs started as that kind you usually hear at Warped or Bamboozle but now they've grown up. It's obvious they want to send a different message now, a more mature one and I like it. They may sound somehow close to 30 Seconds to Mars but they have their own genre. They definitely are a band who promises a lot and you should give them a chance to prove themselves and their music.

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