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Famous vs Anonymous

A few hours later and a few new phone calls later, she found herself in front of a restaurant across Tokyo Tower. The view was beautiful but her mood dropped in the moment she placed her foot inside the tiny building. It wasn't hard to figure who she was supposed to meet since he was the only man in a business suit, waving and smiling brightly at her. The table was placed on the more private area of the restaurant meant for the rich and busy.

“It’s really nice to meet you in person. I hope I didn't ask much.” She bowed politely and sat down. The smile her new agent had was very creepy. She wondered how he could put up such face for so long. “Let’s take it from the very first beginning.” She nodded and watched as he got up and bowed down to her. It felt a little overwhelming. “Hello, my name is Sato Yuji and I will be your new agent. Please take care of me.”

For a few seconds, she couldn't move or talk. Her eyes were wide truthfully, she was speechless. The man, Sato-san, sat back down and placed his hands on the table, business like.

“Now, Anna san, I would be delighted if we could work well together. Your schedule, in fact, isn’t as busy as Kitagawa san or Matsumoto san’s. However,” He took a break and grabbed an agenda from his bag. “You are the author of Lovers in Tokyo which soon will be adapted into a movie. You have many Japanese fans even if you may not believe it”

At the heavy word ‘fans’ Anna could feel how her heart started to beat faster and a little of her individuality dropped. Fans meant there would be people on the street who were most likely to recognize her and intrude in her personal space. She never wanted popularity and she was afraid of being idolized. She wanted to be an anonymous but surely enough that was not going to happen.

“And what am I expected to do?” Sato san chuckled and opened his agenda at one special page.

“There is a book signing tomorrow morning in Ginza. Prepare yourself because there are about 100 or more people planned to come” When she heard the number of people who were supposed to arrive for her, she gulped. It wasn't like she wasn't grateful but there were so many people.

“It will take ages to sign all of their books…” She mumbled, though it was loud enough for the agent to hear. He smiled and patted the page. She looked where he placed his finger and gasped.
“Why am I supposed to go there? Aren't this kind of promotions for the actors?”

On that page was written the name Shinjuku, a place in centre of Tokyo where most people go for shopping or different activities; that wasn't what surprised her.

“I will have to talk about my book and about my expectations in front of wanderers and an interviewer…” She continued. That indeed was one step ahead towards her famous life. She didn't expect that when she heard how praised her book was. 

“Yes. I heard you are a woman of words. I'm sure you will impress everyone.” She bit her lower lip and sighed. She wasn't sure about anything she had to do.

After she left the restaurant, and also a very cheerful Sato san, behind, she wandered the streets until she found herself back at the bridge where she first met Nao. She walked at a very slow pace towards the same place she stood 4 years earlier. She placed her hands on the railing, closed her eyes and took a deep breath. The memories she tried to ignore for those years have surfaced.  

She opened her eyes when she heard a faint click. For a moment she expected to see him but instead, there was a married couple making pictures. She took the time to watch them, a small and melancholic smile curving on her lips. It was all so bittersweet.

“Excuse me,” She blinked a few times and got out of the trance she was deeply submerged. “Can you please take a picture of me and my wife?” It was the man she was earlier watching. He wanted a picture with his wife near the water. She smiled and nodded.

“Say cheese!” She tried to make the couple laugh and liven up the whole mood. She wasn't sure if she wanted the two to be happy or if she was simply trying to convince herself that one day she will also have the chance to do that.

On the path back home, she was deeply entranced by her selfishness. She wanted someone but at the same time, she didn't want just anyone.  Also, she had a stable stereotype of her ideal man and she knew well there was just one man that could surpass it. At those thoughts, she shook her head. It wasn't healthy to think like that. It wasn't healthy to even think about him.

“It’s all so wrong” She mumbled and grabbed a hand through her black hair.

“What’s wrong?” She opened her eyes widely and looked towards where she heard the manly voice.

“Takeshi” She whispered. That was definitely a surprise. The man, who didn't look a year older than her, was standing in front of the apartment building, his hands placed deep into his pants’ pockets. He titled his head to the left and smiled boyishly.

“Well? Are you going to give me a hug and say how much you missed me or I may as well leave?” She chuckled and did exactly as she was told. When he felt her tiny hands wrapping around his slender body, he loosened up and returned the gesture. “You still didn't tell me how much you-“

“Shut up” He chuckled and ruffled her hair. 

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