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Goodbye Individuality

In the morning of the departure, everyone from the publishing company was there, taking their own farewells from Anna. She knew half of them were there because of Henry, who was their boss, but also, half were people she came in contact with and were simply doing something nice with no evil intention.
“We’ll miss you!” From the moment they walked out of the apartment, Rosie found vital to let Anna know how much she will be missed. Henry, on the other side, seemed annoyed by the blonde and pushed her aside.

“Call me when you land. Also, if something happens, call me and I’ll fly there in an instant.” Anna rolled her eyes, knowingly.

When her flight had been called on the station, she hugged each person and waved goodbye to them. On the way to the plane, her only thoughts were about how much everything will change when she will get back. It was obvious something will happen and she was curious what and how much it would affect her.

The whole flight, consisting of 24 hours, Anna read every article she could find about the two actors who were going to play her characters and also, the director. She found nothing bad about either of them and seemed to be satisfied with the information.

When the plane landed, she was truthfully happy. Though she didn’t want to admit it, she definitely missed Tokyo. She walked at a normal pace to get her luggage, which wasn’t much, and tried to reminisce the first time she placed foot on Japanese land.  She chuckled when she remembered how scared she was. She was just 18 years old, a young age to start living on your own, but her parents gave her everything she wanted and needed and the only thing they wanted in return was for their daughter to follow her father’s steps. She enrolled into Tokyo University on a subject she wasn’t very interested in. However, that whole time she spent in Tokyo hadn’t been bad. She made friends and eventually, met him.

The memories of his face and the moments they spent together; that one day seemed like it never ended. When she returned to England, for the first two months he was everything she could think about and it hurt. He didn’t contact her and she didn’t try to look for him. Why should had? They knew it wasn’t meant to last.

She seemed so occupied by her own Universe that she couldn’t see the small details around her. Those small details would have changed her life. A man in his mid twenties just returned from Europe too and he walked right past the thoughtful woman. They didn’t realize.

I didn’t realize it…but I never stopped asking myself…Why?

“I’m glad to see you, Anna-chan!” The landlady was more enthusiastic about her return than she was. Miss Tsubaki had always been a nice woman with whom Anna could talk about absolutely anything, even boys related problems. She had seen Nao walking out of Anna’s apartment that morning and she had also seen how he hesitated for a few seconds to leave. However, she never spoke a word. She couldn’t.

“Had there been someone who asked about me these few years?” Tsubaki thought a few minutes. She was debating if she should tell her about the man whose name she didn’t know or about the small remnants.

“There was a guy who came by and asked me when you will come back. I think his name was Takeshi.” Anna smiled softly and nodded before opening the door and walking inside.

 She left her luggage in the hall and walked deeper into the apartment. She tried to be happy that one of her best Japanese friends came by and didn’t forget her but she was equally disappointed that he whom was far more interesting never turned his head to look behind.

A few hours later, after she re-accustomed to the surroundings, Anna went to her favorite place in Tokyo. As soon as she entered, the bartender called for her instantly. She walked to him smiling happily.

“Look who is back! The English beauty!” Anna laughed and punched his arm playfully.

“You know, when people say some things never change they definitely think back of lousy bartenders who are still in College” The younger boy smirked and pinched her cheek. He knew how much she hated that. However, she caught his finger before it could reach her soft skin.

“I read your book,” She rolled her eyes and sat on the chair right in front of him. “You finished business and you work as a writer. How poorly did you end up?” He spoke his words carefully as not to offense her. She knew he was just joking. He had been one of her good friends for a while and she knew him well enough.

“I changed my mind” The bartender raised an eyebrow and leaned on the hand he had on the bar. “I did follow my father’s path and finished business in Tokyo but I choose my own path afterwards” The boy smiled and ruffled her hair. “What about you, Kyoya? Are you going to ever finish College?” He playfully glared at her and smirked.

“I started three and ended up with a fourth. I work my ass off for a raise so I can buy a real violin”

Anna almost forgot her friend was a music prodigy. He had offered a few times to play for her but she never had the chance to agree. There would always come something which had to be done and she wouldn’t have available time.

She ended up spending the whole day talking with her favorite bartender. He had the talent to make people forget about their problems and simply enjoy the present. When she left, she felt heavily lonely. The apartment was empty. There was no soul to accompany the owner and so it got her into a melancholic mood.

“Now I remember why I agreed to leave Rosie live with me…” She scoffed but it wasn’t in a mean way. A smile appeared on her face right after. Rosie reminded her of Kyoya.  They were both loud and always complaining about something but at the same time, they had a big heart and never ceased to amaze her with their ideas.

The next day, right in the early morning, the alarm didn’t even have the time to announce the hour because the phone rang. Groggily, Anna stuck her hand out of the comfortable pillow and searched for the device. Even though it was really close, on the desk, she couldn’t find it. For that, she opened her eyes and finally responded.

“Is this Anna Bolt? I am your agent." For a moment she couldn't comprehend the new information. However, when she finally registered, her sleepy posture tensed and she fully opened her eyes.

"Why do I need an agent? I have been sent here to witness the production right?" The chuckle coming from the other side sounded quite youthful which meant she was talking to a man who had less than 30 years old.

"Indeed. However, the producing company decided you should take part in the promotions. I would like us to meet and talk about your schedule for the next few months."

While the other part hung up, Anna’s mind went overdrive. Firstly, the single action of returning to Japan seemed to make her feel like she may not return to England and secondly, an agent would mean she had some gram of fame, which she definitely didn’t want. That single fact of having an agent meant she could already say goodbye to individuality. Realizing such information she groaned and placed the pillow over her face. 

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