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Signing Event

As if he didn't have enough courage to boss her when they just met after 3 years, he waltzed inside her apartment as if he just entered his own house. He walked towards the couch and jumped on it, placing his hand behind his head.

“It still feels like College.” She rolled her eyes and moved his feet, which were dangling from one side of the couch. “Seriously! I missed hanging around your apartment.” He continued, getting into a normal position. “Remember? Back then it was just you, me and Mizuki and we had an amazing time! I was the hotshot designer, you were the lazy and misunderstood English beauty and Mizuki was the party girl! We were awesome…ah memories…” He started to rub his chin, making different noises.

Anna chuckled and patted his head.

“It’s ok. I'm sure we can still have fun. We’re still young.”

 Her words didn't seem to affect Takeshi in any way. He was that one type of man who never really cared about what was happening around him as long as it didn't concern his being. Takeshi didn't change much mentally. He was the same 24 years old fashion rookie who wanted to surpass his mother’s name. He made his purpose clear even from the first time they met. She could still remember how enthusiastic and positive he was. However, as she looked at him closer, physically he did change a lot. He became taller, his eyes seemed to hold much more experience than she would have expected, his hair colour changed from the rebellious blonde to serious and stylish black. Everything about his appearance changed. He had definitely grown up well.  

“Are you still lost in Anna’s World?” She blinked. The transition from her own thoughts to reality took a few seconds, making her look either really perplexed either dumb. However, Takeshi knew well enough whom he was dealing with. In his eyes, Anna could have done a lot more than she left it out. There wasn't just one time he asked her to pose for him or become a model altogether. She never liked fame. All she ever wanted was to feel accomplished and find happiness.  She was such a simple person and he wondered when she had changed.

“Is it nice there?” She raised an eyebrow and made a small questioning noise. He laughed and pinched her cheek, which obviously annoyed her. “You’re such a child. I'm really curious what you've done these past years.” He took his hands back and changed his position so he could feel more comfortable. “ I'm ready to listen.” She scoffed and shook her head but she knew she could trust him and so she started to tell him everything…everything except some little detail.

The next day, when she woke up, she realized that Takeshi’s visit livened up her mood and the whole apartment. Trying to think positively, she picked a short, summer dress; put a long and thin brown sweater over it; grabbed a pair of high heels, surprisingly and for the hair, she simply made a small bun, leaving her bangs loose. She actually looked very pretty and the thin make up gave her a fresh appearance. She was definitely ready to sign books for the entire day.

When she arrived at the specific place, which was a book store from a near Mall, there was absolutely no one.

“Please, tell me the number of people got cut into half” She prayed silently. That didn't work because Sato san walked to her with a bright and full of fulfilment smile. She was doomed and there was no way out of the new world she was dragged into.

“Anna-san! I'm so pleased to see you. I hope you had the time to think everything over yesterday. I'm sorry if I threw you too fast into your new schedule but it had to be done.”

 What irritated her the most in that moment was how sorrowful he actually looked. He had a kind smile plastered on his face and his eyes seemed as sincere as possible. He wasn't putting on an act. He was genuinely worried for her and that itself changed Anna’s impression of him. He was young and he clearly wasn't married because he spent too much time on details. The light in which she started to see him was better and that meant the relationship between the two had chances to get also better.

“Oh!” The surprised sound he made was what brought her back to being attentive. “There are already a few customers coming! I'm so excited! This is actually the first time I organize a signing event!” He turned to her and bowed. “Let’s have a great day and work together nicely!” For a moment she felt sad but when she sat at the table and people started to come with such happy faces, her demeanour became the exactly opposite. She realized that she was the cause for those happy feelings, for those smiles and she felt proud.

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