joi, 17 ianuarie 2013

Music to the Ears (2YOON's 24/7)

I was really surprised that I enjoy listening to this song. At first, when my friend showed it to me, I thought it's just another song sung by two members of 4minute. However, now that I actually listen to it on my own is quite something. I like the beating sound on the background of the whole song and I believe the country style mixed with pop sounds really nice. It's very fresh and gets stuck in your mind. It's really easy to follow up and the song itself is simple so it's definitely a good start for 2Yoon. I didn't listen the whole album, at least not yet, but this single got me thinking and it has a good feedback that encourages you to listen to the rest too. 

I also liked the MV. It's really simple and somehow it took the country background from B1A4's Baby Goodnight. The whole plot is a little ambiguous and you figure it out just at the end when they have something like a little scene which explains more. Anyway, what captivated me more were the clothes. JiYoon wears some very interesting outfits during the whole video and I didn't know what to do: laugh or try to get over it saying how I don't understand their fashion concepts. Well, anyway, the dance is also really cute. Like, very, very cute and easy. It's really fun and I got into it rather fast. Anyone can learn it and I guess there will appear some dance covers after it on internet. Usually, easy dances are enjoyable so yeah, I'm looking forward on that.

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