marți, 15 ianuarie 2013

Music to the Ears (BAP's Rain Sound)

There are so many BABYz there so I'm sure everyone will be happy to read this post. BAP's newest song had just blown me up! It's such a nice sad song. I had big expectations from them, truthfully. I like all of their earlier work and I can't say I've been disappointed by any of their songs. I'm pretty proud of these guys, you know. They worked continuously on their stages and comebacks and I hope they do rest too. No career is more important than health.

Rain Sound didn't seem too special from the teasers. Moreover, I was so concentrated on the MV that I couldn't really put my hand on the song. However, when you listen just the song, it's really nice. It gives off a different, more melancholic feeling to it and the whole song becomes deeper and meaningful. Hearing Jongup sing from the beginning, right after YongGuk, it felt a little bit weird but I'm thankful. However, when I heard Himchan's part, which consists of some talking in that deep sexy voice of his, and later on sing a little bit, it simply touched me. What melt my heart and simply gave me a huge blow was Zelo. His part is so heartbreaking but at the same time you can realize he'd matured and...aish...seriously, he was just the cherry on top of the whole song. I have no more words. The song is so beautiful

Now, the song is great but the MV, not really. I'm already warning you that I will say a lot of good things about Zelo. It's really obvious they can't act at all. There's a part where they get shot and I guess that's the scene where you realize what is their job. YongGuk and JongUp tried their best. It was alright for them but it was just that one part they exceeded on. I believe Zelo did the best out of them all. It broke my heart to see him 'crying'. Himchan's eyes expressed the feeling well but when they did a close up on them I didn't get the same feeling like I did from Zelo. That maknae kills me. And he's still under age...But he really looks good. The whole childish image he had disappeared and he looked like a grown up young man who suffers from the depth of his heart. I'm a person who doesn't get impressed easily but damn this little tall guy really got me this time.

I like how they got into the trend-> everything happens in one room where magically they appeared. However they do not know of each other except when they're dancing, which doesn't happen much. Also, there seems to be a lot of things breaking and there's a lot of angst. Yep. They got it right.

Anyway, leaving any jokes aside, the song is wonderful. It's actually really catchy once you give it a second listen and there's a story which is expressed good enough to be understood. Yeah. Definitely a good song.

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