joi, 17 ianuarie 2013

Music to the Ears(Super Junior M's Break Down)

Super Junior M came back with their newest and most listened song these days, Break Down. I don't adore it, I listened it just a few times and I wasn't very attracted by it. The video reminds me a lot about Super Girl and the dance...well the dance is cool. I like their looks mostly because they look like anime characters in some parts but I guess that's all.

The song itself has something that attracts you to listen and dance but for me it sounds exactly like the European club music which became a trend in the whole world. It's obvious that who composed this song is not Korean.  I do like how their voices sound and blend together, I do like some parts but it's still not enough for me. I kind of estranged myself from Super Junior because I just don't find them entertainingly enough and if we think closely, EXO is the only group from SM that I'm still somehow interested into. But that's my own view over their music and the group itself. I do have friends who are hardcore ELF's. But this song, it's fine but not wow. However, I do review it so it means it may as well be on your taste.

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