luni, 21 ianuarie 2013

Music to the Ears (Nevermind's Shooting Star)

I completely fell for them. They are fresh and young and their music is actually not too K-pop! It sounds a lot like Warped bands when they were still at the beginning. It is supposed to be pop punk or something and it kind of sounds pop rock to me but it's different than FT Island and CN Blue or LedApple. It's an actual band with a vocalist, instrumentalists, they are 5 like on the old days. Also, their début song is really good and happy and gets you into a great mood.

The names, yeah, I still can't remember them because it's been just three days since I found them but let's see...

the vocalist, who looks a hell lot like Zico in my opinion, is G-One? I hope I got his stage name right. I like his voice and he seems about my age, and I'm currently 18 years old.

Next is the guitarist, who looks like a mix between Taemin and Daesung, Changha. They say he's born in '89 but that kid looks to be 20 at most.

G-Hoon is the bassist and he looks half like Jonghyun from CN Blue and half american. That's an interesting mix, that's sure. He's supposed to be 18 and he does look to be that young.

The last is the drummer with bright pink hair, Ino. He's also supposed to be born in '91 but...he looks to be about Zelo's age in my opinion. There's not a lot about them on internet and I understand why, I mean they are rookies of rookies in the end, but I'm really curious to know more. The video is so bright and smiley and I like it a lot. It's simple but not SM-simple and it reminds me of the old days...good times...

Here it is Nevermind's Shooting Star!

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