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For almost half of that day, the work she had went smoothly. She didn’t take any break so she could finish faster. She behaved as nice and natural as she could and she was rewarded with different praises or even gifts. What surprised her even more were the readers themselves. They were young. Their words got her thinking a lot…

“I really like Taka-kun but it’s clear he should have made a move right then!”

“Anna-sama, why did you make Taka-kun and Nana-chan think so much about their relationship?”

“Because of this book, I got the courage to ask out the girl I like”

“Thank you for making me feel secure. Now I believe somewhere out there is my own Taka-kun!”

Those kind of small lines made her think deeper about her own life and about her own destiny. She might have changed and helped some youngsters but she might have also destroyed chances and relationships. It was a bitter sweet love story; it was a bitter sweet life she was living but most importantly, that bitter sweet emotion of love left her before it could blossom.

“Excuse me?” She looked up for her next fan but instead of a young girl or a young boy she met a pair of brown eyes which she hadn't seen in 3 years. “Can I get a hug with your autograph?” Anna chuckled and placed the marker on the table. She was ready to give her old friend a hug but Sato-san grabbed one of her hands.

 I'm sorry but if you give this customer a hug you may have to give one to all of them” He whispered loud enough for her ears only. She got freaked out at the thought of having to raise so much and nodded towards her manager.

“ I'm sorry but I can’t right now. However” She signed the book and on the left corner she wrote down her phone number. “Can you call me around 6 o'clock?  I'm pretty sure that’s when the event will close up. We can talk then about anything you want.” The woman nodded and while on her way to the door, she made a peace sign. Anna chuckled happily and continued with her schedule.

Later that day, she couldn't feel her right hand. She signed about 100 books in total and even though she sat down the whole time, her butt was feeling sore. While she was waiting for her agent to finish up the program, she massaged her sore neck. For a moment she forgot about her old friend and everything she wanted was to go home and sleep. When she was imagining the whole scenario of the relaxation she could have, her phone rang.

“Good morning sunshine! It’s past 6, I'm sorry I took so long!” Her friend’ voice was really loud and on the background was also noise from the cars.

“Mizuki…I thought you may take a few days to actually call” The old party girl scoffed into the phone and yelled for someone to move faster.

“I had to get out for a few groceries and now that my brother came and freed me, I was wondering if you could come and have a cup of tea with me” Anna started to laugh, though it didn't sound too noisy or too pitched. However, since her voice was nasal, it did sound funny.

 I'm pretty sure that in your language ‘tea’ is the word for ‘alcohol’ and you’re not wondering if I can come, you’re instructing me. That’s been already decided.”   

“You know me too well; move to the bar right now.” The younger woman smiled, even though Sato-san was the only one who could notice. She agreed to meet Mizuki at some random place she decided upon and left anything else in the hands of her tired manager.

Unfortunately, the bar Mizuki instructed Anna to go was in Shibuya. The good news was that it was placed somewhere in a quieter part of it. It was fairly easy to spot the small brunette. She was the only person drinking shot after shot without looking the bit affected. Anna chuckled silently and sat next to her friend.

“Ah, Anna-chan!” She took the time to hug her younger friend but started to drink right after she let go.  “It’s been such a long time. I can’t believe you left me hanging.”

“I didn't.  I told you about my departure 6 months before I actually left. I sent you emails and even called you once. You didn't pick up the phone and you didn't respond.” Anna raised one eyebrow, somehow waiting for an irrational response from her friend. Surprisingly, Mizuki shrugged innocently.

“Life…” Anna got taken back by that kind of answer but it didn't surprise her fully. In the time she hadn't seen Mizuki, she found out things about her from her younger brother, Kazuki. It seemed that the fun girl she once met transformed into an extraordinary surgeon and forgot completely what the word ‘fun’ meant.

“You do know I talked with Kazuki and he told me about your affairs and whatnot, right?” She couldn't respond to Anna since she was just sipping continuously from her glass of alcohol but instead, she just waved chaotically.  “You don’t have time to go out because you are an important asset to the hospital; you don’t have time for a relationship and not even one guy you went out with could understand your schedule” She sighed and hung her head. “It is really life or we are just getting too old for these things?” Mizuki rolled her eyes and told the bartender to give her another glass of whatever alcohol she was infecting her body.

“Actually, I have a date tomorrow. I met this guy through an international friend. He’s half Japanese and half American. I just know he works in business and his father own a chain of hotels throughout the whole world. He has a few in Japan too.” She sighed and placed her head on the barstool.  

 Shouldn't you be hyperactive right now? That’s not an easy prey and you found it easily.” She closed her eyes and sighed.

“I should but he’s not going to come alone.” Anna leaned closer to hear her explanation better. Mizuki didn't seem drunk but she wast talking in a way you couldn't be sure. “He said he has a friend who, in his point of view, needs a little help regarding his romantic life. He told me to bring someone but that’s impossible! My friends are all ta-“Her eyes widened and glanced to the empty glass in front of her. “Or maybe not…” She mumbled to herself. In the next second, Mizuki transited from being depressive and sorry for her own self into a happy and optimistic bubble. She started to giggle while she started to rub her hands together. Anna found herself in a corner where she couldn't escape no more.

“You want me to come, don’t you?” Mizuki nodded happily while smiling widely. Anna titled her head to one side and smiled cutely, which didn't happen in a long time. “You want me to get this other guy with romantic issues so you can have an amazing date with yours.” She nodded again, containing the same expression. Anna shook her head and sighed. “Count me out” Mizuki was ready to nod again but registered fast the response she got.

“Come on! How hard can it be! Chris told me so many things about his friend and how lost in the Universe he is. Who knows, you may actually like him! Come on, come on, come on, come-“

“I already know you won’t stop until I agree” Mizuki nodded with pleading eyes. “I guess it won’t hurt” The older woman was so excited that she jumped on her younger friend and hugged her tightly, repeating for a while how thankful she was and how great it will be.

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