marți, 8 ianuarie 2013

Summer Rescue

Another drama, and the only one, I finished these few weeks is Summer Rescue. It may not sound too interesting, the title doesn't really express much and it kind of sends you to think about some old and boring show but it's definitely not. I do recognize I started to watch it because of Osamu Mukai who plays the principle character. We all know he uses to play in dramas or movies that have some kind of relation with humanism and things along that but this drama opens the eyes towards medicine and how important is a doctor.

Firstly, Hayami Keigo (Osamu Mukai) is a promising young heart surgeon at a university hospital, but is made to examine patients at a clinic in the mountains during summer on the orders of his superior. There are some other details regarding that but you get to understand it later in the drama. At a harsh environment 2,000 meters above sea level, there is a very small quantity of testing equipment and medicine. It is a culture shock and setback for Keigo who is active in advanced medical care and the use of cutting-edge equipment. This is a place detached from modern medical care where doctors make all diagnoses by touching, looking at and talking to patients. But they also give a lot of comfort and they do have some medical assistance. They aren't completely unprepared for easy surgeries; there are a lot of these throughout the drama. Oyama Haruka (Ono Machiko), who's character I find likeable but very slow in some moments, was raised by parents who ran a mountain lodge, but when she was 5, her mother died in an accident on the mountains. That influenced her to become a nurse in Tokyo. However, one day, an incident prompts her to escape from Tokyo and return to the mountain lodge. It is the same time that Keigo arrives at the clinic. These two don't get well with each other from the start. Haruka's personality is really headstrong. 

Anyway, the characters in this drama are all very lively and I think every episode had some good quotes for both life itself and medicine. I was surprised by how deeply the whole drama touched me. Each episode carries heavy feelings and make you think about the situation the characters get into. 

One thing I don't understand is: why in every drama he is in, he has to be engaged or have a relationship with girls that are simply unimportant and desperate and so many more adjectives! Like seriously! And in movies most of the times he doesn't end up with the right girl! It pisses me off, really. But Osamu Mukai is a brilliant actor, my second favourite actually, and he acts so veridical and it's obvious he does make his homework. I also liked Haruka. Ono Machiko did a great job on this character. I could see the pain in her face expressions, when she smiled you could feel the happiness she felt etcetera. I'm pretty content with this drama.

So, I assure you this drama is worthwhile. It's so touching and intelligent created. Also, the music may sound too fantasy-like and a little overrated but it does have its role and after a few episodes you fast forward over it anyway. :)

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