luni, 16 iulie 2012

Super K-Comebacks

Alright, like I said before, this summer has been full with awesome comebacks. Bands tried to be even more passionate and changed their look to be even hotter. Firstly, I would like to say that it might be a little bit hard for the idols to work so hard. I mean, have you seen some of the coreographies? In MV's they seem fresh, of course, but on stage things get a little hard when it comes to singing.

Anyway, one of my favourites (and it seems a lot of fans agree) comeback is Nu'EST's Action. The video is awesome and the song is really powerful. The boys have a badass look and attitude but at the same time, the song talks about something teenagers go through. I never did but blending with the crowd has always been a problem for some of my everyone is unique and they should act like themselves, even if that means they stand out. So, it's one hell of a song and I had a lot of expectations from it and sincerely, they didn't disappoint.

Another good comeback (though it's not really a comeback but more of a single, I guess), though not that spectacular, in my view is A-JAX's Hot Game. The song resembles Low by Flo Rida a lot and it's so, so obvious that it hurts. However, the dance is kinda cute and they are cute. The beats are easy to follow and it stucks into your head no matter what. It's really hard to get it out of your head, believe me. The video is a little bit weird. I mean, ok, I get it, it's about a game the girl who plays around some 'hot' game but I believe the idea itself could have been differently approached. Like the director should have used some more elements. And for me, as a girl with a different mentality, what the MV resemble is not a 'hot game'.

Another, and very recent comeback, is Beast's Midnight. Ok, I love Yoseob's look and DongWoon's but what's with that red hair on HyunSeung. Maybe some of you don't agree with me but it's such a powerful and blinding colour. It doesn't look good on him and truthfully speaking, I don't like the hairstyle either. Also, I don't like JunHyung's hairstyle. However, the song is refreshing. The video is colourful and good (surprisingly) and it gets you to relax and listen to their smooth voices. It has a slower rhythm and it sounds very good.

T-ara's Day by Day is another awesome comeback. The song is calm and the video is a little dark but it has that thing that gets you to like it. It's one of my favourites songs and I enjoy their voices in it. They seem smoother and their image is also more mature. I like that. Like I said, the MV is darker in its idea but also really well made. It reminds me of Final Fantasy with those costumes and everything.

LedApple's comeback with Run to You is also good. But I have this feeling that either Yonghwa composed the song for them either they got inspired by CN Blue because it sounds exactly like their music. I don't say it doesn't sound good, because it definitely does and I always liked LedApple's songs, but I guess the influence is very obvious. The dance is catchy but very silly. They look a little bit silly too but I still like them. I like that they didn't change and they chose to go steady with their style. The video is also silly but I enjoyed it a lot.

ZE:A's Aftermath is an awesome song. I love the chorus and the intro and everything about the song. I like their moves and the guys look really good. I love the idea for the MV and how it was directed. I don't think I have bad things to say about it. I'm not a fan of ZE:A but this song is just so awesome. It's exactly what I'm listening to right now. Ok, maybe their fashion it's not really on my taste but that's something small.

Ok, another one. I don't know if it's his comeback or not (I just know he's in 2PM) , I just heard about his solo songs! Jang Woo Yeong is something. I watched him on Inkigayo and he was more than fantastic. The song, Sexy Lady is something that Europeans love, is exactly their style. It's really catchy and easy to follow and his image is just completing the whole MV. He's a one hot piece:D He reminds me, somehow of Usher. Don't ask why:D

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