luni, 9 iulie 2012


This movie is awesome and I'm so disappointed I didn't check it out earlier. The story is magical. It got me so hard that I still have it in my mind. Secret is one of the best movies I've seen in a while. I believe he's right behind La Double Vie du Veronique. These two movies have a deeper meaning than the usual ones and I admire the concept so much. Now, the plot is about this normal looking guy,Ye Xiang Lun , who gets into a specific high school where his father has been teaching for a while. Nothing weird here. He meets a girl, Lu Xiao Yu  , who simply gets him entranced and he does all these things for her and they fall in love with each other. The secret about their relationship and about Xiao Yu, who seems to be always absent to the school routine and appear like a ghost is...well you have to watch the movie in order to find out. Even though I didn't know what to expect from the movie one thing I knew for sure: I loved, adored the soundtrack. I got interested in the movie after I listened Jay Chou's song...I believe it's called Bu Neng Shou De Mi Mi. I got so immersed into the song that I just had to learn it on piano too and see the movie. Even though the acting was a little bit simple, the lead actress, Kwai Lun Mei was really good. I liked how she could express her character's feelings just with her eyes.
The movie is extraordinary and it got me thinking about a lot of subject I didn't dare to think about before, like fate or love and sacrifices. I was surprised by its ending. I guess I had another image about it. It starts so normally and then things get shaken up by this small and fragile young pianist. It's also amazing how creative the director was. They transformed a piano song into something amazing, into the intrigue of a love story.

The soundtrack is more than wonderful. It's so sad but at the same time gets you into a fantastic atmosphere. Jay Chou's style of composing is different and I read about it, I actually did my homework on it. It contains more than one styles, he blends them into one and makes it his own. He's an admirable man and musician. I have a deep respect for this guy since I do have a different style while composing piano music too.

So, you check Jay Chou's work out and also Secret. It's going to make you cry but also make you smile. It will remain with you no matter what because of its meaning. You have my word. 

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