miercuri, 4 iulie 2012

TOP 5 K-Summer Songs

Until now...We're just in July and 2NE1 will have their comeback stage (which I am very excited for) and not just them. Anyway, it seems the most catchy songs still are the same (at least for me).

1. I'm going to start with number one because it's also the last to appear in our playlist. Yes, it's Super Junior's Sexy, Free&Single. The video is DAEBAK! I believe I've seen it 5 times at least. Even though the background is...disappointing the dance compensates. I simply adore the dance and I'm sure, even though it's complicated, a lot of people will cover it. The song is also amazing and I've talked about it in another post so I won't comment it anymore. However, the MV, aigoo, maybe it's the make up or clothes but these guys got hotter. Hyuk is the best example and I was really happy to see Kangin. Our dear leader looks hotter than all of them and he's 30. He doesn't show his age at all. I do believe this song will dominate this summer.

2. The second would be a very dear song to me, Big Bang's Monster. I still have it as a ringtone and I can't get it out of my head. It's still one of my favourites, if not the almighty one. I'm still surprised how much I like it and it doesn't matter how many songs will appear this summer, Monster is definitely freaking hard to forget.

3. I can't say I'm not addicted to it because I would lie. F(x)'s Electric Shock still goes through my head and it has a lot of power. The girls look very colourful and pretty but they still go with the same image. I also liked the video though I do believe the director should have been more creative. The dance is also alright but I still prefer 'Danger' when it comes to that.

4. Cross Gene's with La Di Da Di also appears on my list and it won't disappear soon. Even though I gave it more than one listening so I could find it entertaining, just the result matters and this is it. I also love the dance and the MV and even though it reminds me of Loving Ya from SS501 it's still awesome. Actually, now that I look closer, the concept of the video is exactly the same but whatever.

5. And the last, though the order might change, is Wonder Girl's Like This. I still love it a lot and it's very hard to get it out of your head. It's very catchy and it just sticks with you everywhere, even the dance!

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