vineri, 20 iulie 2012

In the Darkness

It was night, darkness filled the house and the tense atmosphere could’ve been cut with a knife. It was silence and the only small light was coming from downstairs, from the living room where Eric stand on the floor, looking at the burning fire from the fireplace. His eyes were trailing every detail of it, trying to get his mind off Stella and the news he got from the boys. He couldn’t believe she transformed, she lost it and she…became what she’s been once.

“She will kill me.” He whispered closing his eyes and laid back on the floor.

“She won’t.” Eric opened his eyes and looked up to see Nate walking in and pouring himself a glass of blood.

“She hates me. I’ve left her for her human sister and let myself fall on Rebecca’s charm.” Nate rolled his eyes and smirked.

“That’s true. You’re just an idiot.” Eric glared up at Stella’s brother. “Don’t forget I am her older brother. I know better, what I say is better, I am better. Maybe I’m calmer and I don’t seem like a dangerous vampire. But I am.” Eric roller his eyes and closed his eyes back after hearing Nate’s footsteps walking up the stairs.

There passed just a few minutes when he felt a breeze.

“Do you want another drink, Nate?” He asked amused but he didn’t get a response so he opened his eyes. He was surprised to meet Stella’s eyes. “Are you here to annoy me?” He asked, every word full of venom. The girl only smirked.

“No. I actually wanted a drink. The bars are full of humans and I do know there are vampires who want my help.” Eric got on his butt and looked at his once upon a time fiancée. “I know everything that happened, Eric. I’m not sick, I just remember everything. From the beginning, where you broke my heart and when I moved back to Firehole with Nate and Adrian.” He couldn’t get his eyes off her. She looked the same but she was so different. She was shining in a strange light.

“I thought you hate me.” She scoffed while getting herself a glass of blood.

“I do.” She said turning fully to him. “And I do want to kill you. But first I’m going to provoke a massacre.” She smiled wickedly and flashed out the door. Eric got up and flashed upstairs into Nate’s room.

“She’s up to something.” But there was no Nate.

Meanwhile, Stella was on her own, walking purposeless through the city. It was a nice night. She looked up at the moon to see it was full and shining brightly. She smirked and knew exactly where to go.

Her feet stopped when she arrived in front a huge house. She tried to look as normal as possible and jumped on the roof. There she got on her stomach and let herself trail down in air, to a window. She looked in to see darkness and a fast beating heart. She smirked again sadistically and opened the window. She waited on the roof until she heard no beating heart inside the room anymore. She flashed to the nearest bar and entered, looking as slutty as possible. Once she opened the door every eye turned to her. She felt two vampires in and smirked. She went directly to the bar and ordered a bottle of tequila. The bartender looked taken back by her request. Stella rolled her eyes and gave him one of her stern looks.

“Hello, Cherie.” She didn’t have to turn her head to see him because she already knew Liam was there, curious what she would answer. If she even had an answer…

“Liam…” She started but stopped to drink down half of the bottle. The bartender was amazed at the tiny girl. “I bet you’re here for an answer.” The vampire nodded even if she couldn’t see it.

“Yes. That’s what I had in mind. But I can wait.” He didn’t even see the change in her behavior or the radiating superior feeling she threw everyone.

“Then I guess the wait is over.” She turned and smiled flirty at him. She walked out, the bottle in one hand, the other dragging Liam. They walked for a while, the other vampire in the shadows, watching them. She smirked. Everything was going according to the plan.

“So…” He turned to face her but she stopped him with a kiss. He gave in, obviously. When she backed down she could hear steps running fast in their way. She backed off more and jumped on a tree. Liam looked curious and amused at the vampire. She smirked and titled her head onto one side as an innocent kid.

“Bye bye, Liam. I would say it was nice to meet you…” She paused and pouted. “But I would lie.” The pout changed in a stoic face when a werewolf came crushing on Liam. He tried to fight it but the wolf was powerful. He bitted the vampire and killed him, ravishing his body into pieces. When the werewolf left and when the zone was safe enough, Stella jumped back down. She glanced at Liam’s head, which was bloody and still had the eyes opened. She turned her eyes back in front and flashed to the vampire from the shadows. She forgot what his name was and she didn’t really care in that moment. He tried to run but she was too fast. She caught him and threw him into a tree. Her nails were gripping his neck tightly and for once, the vampire felt as he was living a nightmare. She smirked sadistically again and glared at him.

“I am not going to betray my family for someone like you. Scum that fill the world with impure blood. There are just a few nobles. Matt is one of the few members of family I have. He will get killed just whenI say so.” She glared for the last time at the poor vampire and in a flash, grabbed his heart out. She threw the body away as it was garbage and even walked over it, no remorse behind. She glanced at the moon for the last time and saw it shining as proudly as before. She smirked. The night didn’t finish yet.

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