sâmbătă, 7 iulie 2012

Music to the Ears (2NE1- I Love You)

I am in love with this song! Of course I was expecting something awesome from YG and usually their comebacks are quite powerful and make a big impact. The teasers were very ambiguous and the parts they used were more from the second half of the song so I kind of lost me but after I heard the whole song I fell in love with it. I read on internet numerous opinions on I Love You and sincerely half of them were absurd but everybody has the right to express themselves freely so no comment.

Back to the song, I also love the MV. I've waited for it and I was enthusiastic to see it and it didn't disappoint. The girls look amazing and even though Minzy uses a lot of hairstyles (which kind of annoyed me a little) and Dara's hair looks...interesting (but it seems they used G-Dragon's idea if not he was the one to use it on her since he does help the girls) everything was more than fine. I love how colourful the surroundings were and the concept itself. It suited the band well. Also the rhythm it's really catchy and the chorus, well anyone can sing it. This song is really hard to get off your head after the first listening.

What I didn't like at it was that a lot of parts din't really seem to fit or didn't have a continuation. From the part with them on the bed they change to the car and then to a different surrounding and the colours are so bright and powerful that it blinded me. But overall, it was awesome and I love it anyway.

2NE1 came back and they are prepared to swipe the audience off their feet. They are badass and strong and I'm pretty sure the song will get high on charts. :D


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