duminică, 22 iulie 2012

네번째 편지

Dear Anonymous,

I feel so bad yet I think I'm the only one hurt. Maybe I'm selfish and don't know what I'm talking about but...I have a big knot in my stomach. I feel wronged yet I feel like I've done something wrong too. I guess I'm torn between feeling guilty and feeling hurt. Shouldn't friends be the ones who are always there for you? I feel like my own just left me. I feel lonely and there's no one I can go to, no one I can talk to about my feelings right now. Usually when there's a fight between friends, they end up being even closer when they make up but somehow... I don't think that's the case here. I am a complicated person, I know I am a jerk and I have my own bad parts but shouldn't friends accept each other? Shouldn't friends understand when something goes wrong? Shouldn't they care and try to act nice when you have a problem? Then why...why do I feel so bad right now? Like, my friends just chose to ignore my existence because lately I haven't been able to walk around happily and hang out with them...
I'm sorry for myself...and I'm sorry to them too...

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