duminică, 1 iulie 2012

Music to the Ears (Kim Bo Kyung)

I love this song. I know the album appeared earlier this year...or so, but I was so busy with my own life that I forgot. However, after I first listened to Suddenly (because of City Hunter) I just got into her voice. She's so small and she has such a voice. I mean of course, there are more people like that, but her voice is also deeper than I thought. Or maybe she just looks younger than I imagined. Anyway, I'm really caught up into her first album, GroWing. I'm a sucker for good piano music and I guess that's what attracted me more at it. It's a good album and it should definitely be more famous. She's quite underrated outside of South Korea, or maybe it's just my country? But she does worth more than she's given.

Brand New Day is one of my favourite songs. It's really fresh and it talks about normal life and how we struggle through bad days, but in a nicer way. It's not melancholic or sad, it's just refreshing, like I said.

The second song I love a lot in this album is Missing You. It reminds me of Kelly Clarkson (because she is Kelly Clarkson of South Korea, or so I think). Maybe because her style is a little bit closer to the westerns' and that's why I find it so catchy...neah. I like Asian pop more than ours.

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