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Music to the Ears (Super Junior's 6jib)

Let's see, Super Junior's new album worth to be reviewed closely. It sounds so different than what I expected but I say that in a good way. The songs are really something. I swear this album is a 'must have'.

First song on the album is Sexy, Free&Single which I love. Of course I kind of knew what it sounded like since there was the teaser but the song is much better than I expected. I did have to listen to it for a few times until I started to like it. For me, it isn't extraordinary but I still love it. It does sound like Super Junior in this one and I love the 'lalala's :D

Second song is From U. Alright, this song has a much deeper meaning than what it sounds like. They made it for their fans, the ELF, and I think it's the first time some band made something like that (at least for me). It's really soothing and they poured their entire admiration for their 'ladies'. I mean, the ELF love them unconditionally and they are fools indeed. But at the same time, Super Junior are fools for loving them back. (like Donghae said). It's a bond between loyal fans and their favourite band. I don't think it can be broken easily. The song, for me, expresses exactly what I said above and it's something admirable.

Third track is called Gulliver. when I pushed play, I started to laugh my ass off. The song is very good and has a catchy sound but they pronounce 'Gulliver' like 'Coliva'. In my country, 'coliva' is a recipe people do at funerals. When someone dies, the women of the house make it and well it's a whole process. It's hard to explain ad literam. The point is that we, Romanians, can't help but laugh. It starts so powerful and the word is sang with such force that it cracks me up. But, the song is extremely awesome. I can't stop listening to it. I love the whole album but I do have my own favourites and Gulliver is one of them.

Fourth song, Someday is so cute. I missed Kangin's voice and this is the song where you can hear him clearly. Their voices blend so well together and it sounds so relaxing and zen. I can't think of anything when I listen to it. It gets you easily and melts your heart. 

Next song is NOW. Personally, I believe it sounds Abba-ish. Of course, not entirely, but when I listen to it I live a deja vu. I can't get the tune out of my head and the reason is just that. This song is not one of my favourites and no matter how much I listen to it, I can't make myself like it too much. It's just a good song, nothing more, nothing less.

Now, Rockstar is another story. To me it sounds like a mix of Bonamana and LMFAO's Sexy and I Know It. But, the rhythm is so catchy that I instantly fell in love with it. Of course, Donghae's 'Oh My God/I'm so Hot' helped a lot. I can't believe how hot it sounds. Unfortunately, however you look at it, Super Junior are pop stars and not rock stars. Oh the irony. But the song gets you pumped up and it's really hard to dislike it.

Bittersweet is a song very dear to me. I listened to it for a few times because I love it a lot. KRY is my favourite sub-group. Each song they sing is so calm and full of emotions. They are the best singers in Super Junior and not once did they prove it wrong. It's a song you get lost in. Or maybe it's just me. Also, Sungmin's voice completes it all. It's just such a cute song even though it's all about a bitersweet love. A so called fatal attraction to someone where you can't love but can't hate either. 

The eighth track is Butterfly. This is another song I kind of got into from the first listening. The English in it is quite silly but what's simple never hurt anyone and made it better. For me, the meaning of it is simple: break free and let the world know you exist and hear your voice. Of course, when I read the lyrics I got a little confused. I seriously couldn't put my hand on what they meant but you have to look between the words a little. It's quite subtle...or maybe I just looked too deep.

The ninth track is Daydream. Again, a song I got easily caught up with. I love the melody and the piano in it, maybe a little too much. I tried to block their voices a few times...sorry sorry:D However, the song reminds me of All Time Low's; but they do have different meanings. In Super Junior's song, the 'story' is about a daydreaming love. Something that once was but now isn't any more, or at least it's not close and they imagine it so they can revive it. Did I make sense? 

The tenth, the last, the most beautiful slow song I've heard in a while, A 'Good' Bye. I can't just tell you how much I love it. I listen to it right now and I can't get myself to pause it. The piano in this song is alluring. I do believe they talk in it about Leeteuk's departure for military service. Kyuhyun and Ryeowook always amaze me with their singing skills. They have the power to make you cry or smile. their voices are amazing. The song touches you deeply and a little bit harsh. This is a bitter sweet song indeed. 

In the end, the album is daebak:)

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