marți, 24 iulie 2012

I Love Lee Tae Ri

I just finished watching this drama and sincerely, there are things I liked but also things that seemed a little cliché. What I'm talking about? I Love Lee Tae Ri. The plot is actually quite interesting and I recognize I didn't think it will be so addictive. In the first episode you get to know all these information about Geum Eun Dong and about his engagement to a woman who's 7 years older than he is. Now, it's weird because he is just 14 and that girl is about about 21 so it freaked me out a little. However, he realizes she likes someone else and wishes he could be older so he could protect her. At the same time, Lee Tae Ri is a woman who comes from a wealthy family but she feels lonely and she wishes for a friend. Both wishes come true when there's a lunar eclipse and so Eun Dong transforms into a young and very handsome 25 years old aka Kim Kibum. Now, there's a lot of action so you have to watch it so you can fully understand the idea but I guess they concentrated so much on their relationship and on this 'protect' mission that they ignored a little what's happening around as in the world. They could have used more the world around them like...the reality. They could have developed the idea more. The business world they created for this drama isn't very close to reality. For example, in Protect the Boss it was very real. You could've imagined the whole process taking place in the every day life.

Anyway, I liked a lot the ending. I didn't think it would have such an heart-warming ending. It also leaves the viewer to imagine what will happen next on his own. About the actors, I liked how Park Ye Jin played her role. She was cold but not enough to create a wall and make the character awkward, she was very classy and she expressed well the situations Lee Tae Ri got into. About Kim Kibum, this was the first drama I've seen him in and he didn't disappoint at all. He actually improved his character by a lot and made me cry at some parts. Well...not really cry but I did shed a tear. Anyway, the point is that the actors have been well chosen and there's no comment to that.

I can't say I admired the OST because I listened to it and it wasn't something extraordinary. Indeed, they had good music but it didn't affect me while watching the drama. go and watch I Love Lee Tae Ri :p

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