vineri, 20 iulie 2012

세 번째 글자

Dear Anonymous,

If the world would end tomorrow, I don't think I would have something I specifically want.I had everything in life, I had to work hard to obtain this feeling of fulfilment. Just I know the risks, the times I spent in a dark room, all alone, trying to encourage myself, telling myself that I can't give up, I can't go home yet. I have a path and I chose it so I should take responsibility. That's my destiny. I'm human, I'm a dreamer and I can't accept reality, I don't like it so I often think I should change it. If I can't change the world, then, I can create one of mine. But I'm selfish and ignorant. There's an element I don't have and that's love. While I tried to achieve my goal I forgot how lonely it feels to be on your own. What does this fulfilment mean without someone you can share it with? What is better? To be lonely or to be alone?

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