luni, 16 iulie 2012

Music to the Ears(PSY-Oppa Gangnam Style)

Ok, this song is insane! It has the power to make you dance it on the street or in the subway. I push play and instantly I start to dance and it's so fun and refreshing. Everything about this song is like that. PSY is an amazing singer and a funny character in the music industry. I love this man. I listened to his songs and they always get me happy (or sad, depends on the song). Anyway, everyone knows I'm a big YG Family fan but now seriously, who would have thought of this kind of song if not PSY? It's exactly his genre, exactly his style. It didn't surprise me when I read that he also came up with the coreography. Seeing HyunA in the MV also intrigued me. However, she kind of fits into it.

The song is insanely catchy and it's even more addictive than that one with Barbara Streisand. I mean seriously, Oppa Gangnam Style:> yeah:D This month there have been a lot of good comebacks and I believe I'll talk about this in some other post:D Now, let's just listen to this awesome song:D

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