joi, 7 iunie 2012

Atashinchi no Danshi

I actually talked about this drama in other posts but never thought to make one for it, until now. Atashinchi no Danshi (My Boys) is about family. Now, in this series, the term of homeless is used differently. As in, the people who have no house are referenced to as 'net cafe refuges'. It got me thinking when I first read this on WikiDrama but they actually use it throughout the plot. Anyway, Chisato is a 20 years old girl who got into the current situation because of her father who had to pay back a debt. One day she meets this weird looking guy, who practically does fall from the sky, Shinzo, and he offers to pay the money for her. I was perplexed, again, when he told her to marry him in return and even more surprised when, after he died, left her be the 'mother' of his six adopted children. Now, you'll find out what happens next if you watch it and you should. It's a great drama. Maki Horikita plays really well even though, sometimes, her character annoys me. She always needs some nudges to make the right decision. Osamu Mukai plays Sho Okura and I already expressed my feelings towards his character, who impresses me throughout the plot. Besides that, Osamu is a hottie and Sho matches his style, in my point of view, as an actor. Next, the older Okura is Fuu, played by Kaname Jun. He turns the tables around when he, finally, gets his head back on earth and  (even thought it was about his 'macho life') he chooses to help Chisato with her 'motherly' duties. Yusuke Yamamoto is also in Atashinchi no Danshi and he plays the model guy, who is afraid of being close to females, Masaru. I got a little freaked out when I saw how he acted but got accustomed after a few episodes. However, there are some very weird scenes that got me thinking. Anyway, he does a good job at portraying his character.

Now, I know everyone knows how much of a Seto Koji fan I am, even if I want it or not. It seems that any movie/drama I watch, he's there. I don't do it voluntarily, it's just that he acts in good movies/dramas. He portrays Satoru Okura and his character is supposed to be a magician who, because of his parents, got into a scandal and people started to question his skills. In the end, he develops a trust issue and doesn't want to get out of his room. Now, there's also the badass looking guy, the second Okura, Takeru (Okada Yoshinori), who's the goofy one (in a way). He really made the drama so much better. His character shows that not everything is what it seems, mostly when we talk about humans. The youngest Okura member is the 12 years old Akira (played by Okayama Tomoki) who is extremely intelligent but doesn't want to get involved in the so called family whatsoever.

They all have their own life stories since they have been adopted by Shinzo. However, there are some other reasons the old man got these six boys and girl into his house and forced them, in a more subtle way, to become a family. Chisato's presence proves to be needed and the boys all gravitate around her. She helps them overcome their fears and issues and she is the one to unites them. There are also some romantic things going on at some point but I'm not giving spoilers.

Go, go and watch it. You'll find it very interesting ;)


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