miercuri, 20 iunie 2012

"What I Like About..." G-Dragon

In this 'edition' of 'What I like about...', I have to say I totally adore this idol. I should have wrote about him when I wrote about his other members but I was too lazy. On his birth given name, Kwon Ji Young aka G-Dragon. He's one of the most down to Earth idols I have seen in K-pop and I admire him fully. He has a good fashion sense and always helps the members with the clothes. Of course, he's one hell of a leader. If anyone would have been in his place, I bet they wouldn't have let Seungri speak so much about their lives or even leave him speak at all. In my point of view, they are a complete band. I do believe Ji Young has the merit for that. He may not be the oldest when it comes to age but he definitely is mature enough to take care of his members. 

Now, speaking about his career, he had been under training for a lot of time but it definitely pays off now. He has a good voice and his voice is the same live as it's on the CD. He has some good skills there, be it rap or simple singing, fashion or composing. I've seen he has some nice moves there but usually I get distracted by TOP's weird dancing. Anyway, he's an extraordinary artist and I love him in Monster. Actually, he's one of my favourites Korean men. That's something. I should actually make a top with the most wanted K-artists.

There are a lot to say about Ji Young and not much to hate, he's just a likeable person, but it would take a lot and I have a life. However, G-Dragon, fighting!:D

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