duminică, 3 iunie 2012

Music to the Ears (Wonder Girls- Like This)

Alright, I find myself liking Wonder Girls more and more with each new song they come up with. I didn't think I'd like Be My Baby that much but it's addicting and now, they released Like This. Sincerely, to me, it's such a good breathe of fresh air. It's so catchy and it makes you move your legs and dance on it. It's not about love or broken hearts, there's no drama behind it at all. The song is entirely about our hectic life and how we should take a break and smell the roses, if you get what I mean. It captivated me from the first Like this, yo Like this and the timing was so good. After exams and exams, project over projects and fussy teachers the song got me to chill out.

there's not much I can say about it. It's a good song and on times like these, when artists usually put their feelings in songs at deeper levels, this one is very easy and simple. Good job, Wonder Girls.

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