luni, 18 iunie 2012

Protect The Boss

I seriously forgot about this drama and I'm really sorry for that. How could I, I don't know. It's one of my all time favourites. I laughed so hard at each funny moment  and cried when the situation got very complicated. I first started to watch Protect the Boss because of...Jaejoong but what captivated me during the series wasn't him, instead it was Choi Kang Hee. I loved how much she expressed and how well she felt her character. Also, I always like dramas where the female characters are strong, independent and know very well what they want in life and No Eun Seol had these characteristics very definited. Anyway, the most catchy character was definitely Cha Ji Yeon. He's like the example of a cute guy who has load of money but still finds the time to be immature and fall in love with someone who can protect him better than he can by himself. The character grows up a lot throughout the drama and he grew up on me too. He's just so fun to watch and I believe he was also fun to play.

Now, regarding Jaejoong's role, he definitely acted very good and impressed me. He looked to be in his kind of role and had a blast playing Cha Mu Won. He would easily get from cranky to nice and even amusing. He knows how to ewxpress what his character feels and his face helps a lot. Now, the 'ice cream girl' played by Wang Ji Hye was very...for me, I can't say I liked her. She seemed to be that stuck up girl who gets whatever she wants no matter what and was just attracting trouble but in the end, I found out she's actually a very alright character. She also grows up throughout the drama a hell lot.

Oh, for those who don't know what I'm talking about, Protect the Boss is about this troublesome man, Cha Ji Yeon, who's supposed to inherit his father's company but is too much of a lazy ass to contribute with something, thus making his cousin, Cha Mu Won, worth that title more. No Eun Seol is one hell of a woman who needs to find a job and just happens that Cha Mu Won gets her a place in the company, because she has a strong personality (and eventually things happen). Anyway, Ji Yeon finds hismelf fall in love with his secretary (Eun Seol) and, unfortunately, Cha Mu Won does too. Thge fourth character is Seo Na Yoon who once was in a relationship with Ji Yeon and Mu Won and eventually renounced to both of them and now comes back for Ji Yeon. Is a complicated matter and you have to watch the show so you can find out what's happening there.

Hope you will watch it, eitehr if it's for the first time or the second. ;)

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