sâmbătă, 2 iunie 2012

Music to the Ears (Big Bang- Monster)

What an AWESOME song! From the teasers I couldn't really put my hand on what was the song supposed to talk about but now, after seeing and hearing the hole song I am amazed. The English in the song is not much but like always, it has sense. I seriously got very touched by Monster. It can have so many meanings. Personally, I believe it's about their lives as idols and the 'baby' in the song are actually the VIP's. I usually take songs at a deeper level and it just stroke something deep in my heart. The video practically has them cornered and they fight to break free. G-Dragon seems to be a half demon, hence that one corn. He looks really hot with red hair and that pierce, though I don't find the pierce very attractive on him. TOP, to me, seems to be a cowboy Sherlock but damn, his eyes are so mesmerizing and at the same time, freaky. He looks hot as well. Taeyang is a Minotaur, or so he looks like (maybe since his zodiac sign is Taurus?) but then again, Daesung is a ram. Now, what's intriguing me is that Seungri seems just...to be. He looks like his usual self, but with creepy lens and he doesn't seem to have something at all, except maybe that restraining jacket.

Overall, no, the whole MV is daebak. I love it from the smallest detail to their image. It's quite artistic and YG was very inspired to make it.

Here, just see for yourself how awesome it is:

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