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The Curse

There went just a few hours until Nate and Alex met with James and Adrian to talk about the…new situation.

“I can’t believe you!” Adrian glared at both vampires. He was more than furious. James looked pretty calm, sitting on the chair with a bottle of blood in hand, glancing between the two younger and quite guilty vampires and the slayer.

“Actually, I can’t believe this happened either.” The three males turned their eyes on the much older and powerful vampire, who got off the chair and looked rather interested in the details of his bottle. “Earlier today she asked me about Matt.” Alex’s eyebrow quirked up instantly. However, Nate and Adrian didn’t have a clue about the so called person.

“Matt?” Adrian finally asked. Alex’s head bent down and on one side, not very happy. He was ashamed of something. James watched him from the corner of his eye while Nate was visibly staring.

“Oh. You don’t know about him either. What a pity.” Nate glared at James, making the older male smirk. His change of mood annoyed everyone there. However, Alex was a little curious how James would keep his cool in front of Stella. The last time, it went pretty good. He didn’t even move. But that wasn’t the original. That was just a small part of what Stella Blanche was. And Stella Blanche was the Devil.

“Alex…” James started again after a long pause. “Why don’t you inform our dear friends about your old teacher?” Nate’s head turned to Alex in a flash. The poor man didn’t know what to do anymore so he did the only thing he thought he should’ve from the start.

“I lied, which is something normal in the vampire world.” He smirked, trying to loosen up, but the atmosphere was too tense. “After Stella supposedly died and you disappeared with her” He said looking to Nate.”…I didn’t know what to do. She transformed me without a purpose. I was supposed to be just a memory but she wanted me to live forever. Always be her friend, her companion, a replacement.” He glared down at his shoes, something disturbing crossing his mind. “I’ve always been a replacement for Eric. I tried to think otherwise but I couldn’t. That was the truth.” He chuckled darkly but it could’ve been heard a small glimpse of sadness. “I was her plan B.” Nate closed his eyes and sighed.

“Get to the subject already.” He was growing impatient. He just wanted to hear who the hell that Matt man was and go search for Stella. Or maybe just go upstairs and sleep. He was damn tired.

“Patience is a virtue…” Nate and Adrian glared at him and were almost ready to punch him. “Alright, alright. I will take this seriously. Matt Gregory had a brother…Aaron. He married this girl from Paris, Beatrice. They had two children, who Aaron turned into vampires. Now…put the two together and let’s see the result.” James rolled his eyes but let himself smirk at Alex’s personality.

“What’s happening here?” The four men looked to the entrance and saw Eric, curious and worried, coming in.

“Listening to life stories.” Nate mumbled rolling his eyes clearly annoyed. Adrian wasn’t far and James was enjoying a lot the annoyance Alex, most definitely, radiated. Eric got curious and went closer. “Well?” Nate asked Alex. “Aren’t you going to continue?”

“Matt was Aaron’s brother. Who’s Aaron?” Eric raised an eyebrow.

“Aaron Blanche. Stella and Nate’s father. Anything else?” Nate and Adrian’s eyes widened.

“He’s…he’s…my uncle?!” Eric’s eyes widened too and glance at his own uncle. James just kept a stoic face the entire time.
“What did you tell Stella?” Alex asked James. He shrugged.

“Exactly the same. “ Alex’s glare deepened.”And that Matt was the rebellious brother.” Alex rolled his eyes and found himself glared at by Eric and Nate.

“I didn’t have a purpose in life after she faded away. I was walking through Europe when he found me….”

It was dark and the cigarettes’ smoke was intoxicating but the people in the bar didn’t care. Alex was at the bar, drinking his tenth shot of tequila. The bartender was a curved and pretty girl who was continuously glancing at him or giving him worried looks.

“Can I have another one?” She looked at him perplexed but poured him another one. He drank it up in a second.

“Are you alright? How many fingers do I have raised?” He looked up at her and chuckled.

“I’m sober. I don’t get drunk so fast.” She nodded slowly, not really believing him. “But you have three fingers raised, for you information.” She rolled her eyes and smiled, going to another customer. Alex sighed and closed his eyes.

“You let her go away so easily? I’m disappointed.” Alex opened his eyes and turned his eyes on the left.

“I’m not interested in a one night stand.” The newcomer chuckled.

“Caught in an old relationship?” Alex rolled his eyes and called the bartender again. She smiled at him and at the new customer. Both men gave their own orders and turned back to talking with each other.

“More like a one side relationship.” The man chuckled again and drank up his alcohol.

“What was so special about her?” Alex looked back at the man, his eyes holding a superior gaze, most likely from being around Stella so much.

“Deep green eyes that sparkled every time she would smile or glint mischievously into the dark, her innocent personality yet she could’ve killed anyone in one swift motion, her bright shining smile and so on and on.” The man started to laugh and patted him on the back.

“Lovesick, huh?” He got closer to Alex and let his eyes redden. “Vampires don’t have feelings, Alexander.” The younger vampire widened his eyes. “I can teach you the true meanings of the vampire world. You just have to say one small word.” Alex looked rather shocked to the other vampire. “Do we have a deal?”

“What do you get from teaching me how to be a…vampire? I’ve fell in love with one, my best friend was one, her brother was one and her…boyfriend was also a vampire.” The still unnamed vampire smirked.

“Stella Blanche is one intriguing creature, isn’t she?” Alex widened his eyes again. “Matthew Gregory. Her uncle.” Alex’s mouth hang open, completely speechless. “Let me tell you this. Never trust a female, mostly when she’s actually a vampire. But…” He paused for a second, time his smirk got bigger. “Stella is a rarity. She was born to be somebody. Maybe not for humans, but definitely for night creatures. She holds the curse and just she can control it. I can teach you and you can help her.” Alex looked quite shocked and at the same time, relived to meet him.

“Yes. My answer is yes.” Matt smirked, knowing exactly how much fun he will have and what a vampire he will make from Alex. 

“And that’s how I met him and how everything begun. The end.” Alex bowed while Eric and Nate, who meanwhile sat down, stood there reflecting over the information.

“A…curse? What do you mean with curse? Wait…that’s how you learned so many things about our family!” Alex nodded while Nate’s eyes reddened. He wanted to punch Alex so, so bad.

“Tell us about the curse.” Adrian ordered, his hands crossed over his chest, his face expressionless.

“Why ask him when you can ask me?” Everyone turned their heads to see Stella.

“It seems this house turned into a HQ.” James mumbled rolling his eyes. Stella trailed her bloody eyes over everyone in the room. However, they stopped when she met Eric’s face. She smirked sadistically and walked slowly to him.

“Eric…nice to see you so troubled. You can’t even imagine how delighted I am when you’re hurt.” She whispered the last part into his ear. Her eyes trailed to Alex and went and kissed him. Poor vampire didn’t even know how to react. She stopped before he could. She licked her lips and walked past Eric, feeling their eyes staring into the depts. of her soul. That was just the beginning. “The real story has just begun.” She mumbled loud enough for them to hear while she ascended the stairs.

“The curse is Stella herself.” Alex mumbled, his eyes staring at the place the girl has just walked out of.

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