joi, 14 iunie 2012

'What I Like About...' Super Junior (1. Yesung)

Well, I have to say he's one of the weirdest and most wicked idols I have seen in my life. He's one of the base members in Super Junior and has an amazing voice. I always get goosebumps while listening to his voice. He transmits a lot of emotions and he makes you willingly become entangled in his performances. Yes, big words for our nice, creepy Yesung. I believe though that when he's on scene, yes, we see the artist, the extraordinary musician, the talented man he is; we see Yesung. However, in his private life, I think he does act differently. He makes weird faces, he's always in the shadows or behind one of the members. He's either a good member who just happens to be around, wants really badly to appear in the pictures or he's one hell of a stalker. I still didn't make my mind. From what I remember, I do believe he said something about liking to have one for his own. Just how 'interesting' that sounds. But that's his personality. He likes to go at night through the members' rooms and touch their lips. That's perfectly fine with me. He might as well go and sleep in the same bed with strangers but the most important thing is that he has the right to be himself and act however he naturally feels like; he's Kim Jong Woon.

Anyway, leaving aside his creepy nature, he's one hell of a musician. His voice sounds wonderful and he's worth much more than fans let out. From my point of view, he should have concentrated more on his voice than dancing. I mean really...Yesung doesn't know how to dance. He's not worse than TOP and indeed he improved a lot lately but still...Anyway, Yesung is one hell of a SuJu member and he loves them a lot since they have been there for him most of his life. Yesung, fighting! ;)

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