luni, 25 iunie 2012

Music to the Ears (Juniel's My First June album)

I love this song, no, I love the whole album. Her voice changes in almost every song and I love that because that's exactly how my voice is too(blame the tyroid). Besides that, it's so fresh and so spring-like. There are so many pop songs which start to sound the same or the sexuality the companies use is just overwhelming sometimes. That's why I like FNC Ent. They are so fresh and it's all about music, hot guys or girls come like a plus. Of course, Juniel's album has been produced by YongHwa. It's obvious because there are a lot of similarities between CN Blue's songs and hers. The guitar riffs, the rhytm it all leads the listener to YongHwa. He's a good producer, though. This guy is multitalented and he has my entire admiration. Also she has a very good voice and can model it however she wants and that shows how much she worked on it.

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