duminică, 24 iunie 2012


Since all I have writen here is about K-whatever or J-whatever, I have to write something heartwarming too. Let's see...it seems my mother is going crazy each time I pronounce K and she's afraid that I will completely forget her if I leave for a foreign country. Also, she doesn't like at all that I want to leave for South Korea, yet she still pays for my Korean lessons (thank God). It seems everyone, actually, started to pester me about this subject. It's annoying. Some don't want me to leave while others simply don't like where I head for. It's frustrating. I just wish for someone to be there and say "It's alright. You have the ambition to get wherever you want and I'll support you no matter what" bu noo, they are all against me. I try and work a lot to make my dreams come true, I have big expectations for myself and I'm very stubborn. I won't give my dreams up for anyone and I'm selfish, yes, but that's just how I am. They are supposed to be my friends, my family but they aren't really there with their hearts. Everyone sees the negative parts in moving to a foreign country...foreign continent but I have two hands, two legs, a brain and I have my own talents but again, nooo. Psh. It's really frustrating.

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