duminică, 10 iunie 2012

'What I Like About...' SE7EN

I think I'm going crazy, sincerely. I have been looking though my laptop for what songs I haven't listened in a  while and I stumbled over Se7en's folder. I swear I almost cried in joy. I completely forgot I have it! I have been so busy with school and I missed listening to anything. However, I remembered how obsessed I was with Digital Bounce and Drips. It was insane! I even learned the moves back then. But anyway, this post is all about Se7en, Choi Dong Wook on his respective real name. That man is...taken, and I'm really happy for him since his relationship has been made public and I imagine how disappointed he felt when fans started to walk out on him. But true fans are still tagging along and that's what matters. I checked, when I first heard about, her out and let's be honest, Park Han Byul is a pretty woman.

Now, I'm not the person to judge someone's personal life so I won't. Adding to that, I don't have what to judge. This man inspires optimism to me. He's a great idol and, from what I've seen in videos(mostly 2NE1 TV) he's a sweetheart and quite an example for men out there. His singing is not the best but he has a charisma that not many have. Seeing him next to TOP, I swear they are like the cutest guys out there. He overcame a lot of bad times and always raised a level. He's one of the singers who don;t want to lip sync and I admire that. I love his voice even though it's nothing very amazing. He has the right amount of everything. He had hiatuses but always came back with awesome songs and for his 2012's album I read YG worked with JYP. I love both companies. Now, his new album is fabulous. I fell in love with 'That Person' first. Then, I listened more 'When I Can't Sing' and loved it. It just started to come often into my mind and from then on...yeah. The message that song has, the voice that goes really well on it is just very good.

Seriously, this guy is a complete artist. Let's not talk about his dancing skills. I'm going into another part and I don't want to brag about his oh so wonderful dances and well...his fit body. Yeah. He's awesome.

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