joi, 7 iunie 2012

Music to the Ears (Marianas Trench- Ever After)

I don't listen just to K-pop, duh, so of course when it comes to music Marianas Trench's 2012 album is one of my favourites. Josh really knows how to make music and I feel the power or sadness he puts in each song. Matt always impresses me with that pitch high tone he can get to. Ian is a baritone, I'm pretty sure of that since he sounds like one. I can say that Marianas Trench is on the same line with FT Island and we get two amazing bands from completely different sides of the world. Everybody's happy right? Anyway, Ever After is a song that practically and literally left me with my mouth hung open. the voices blended so well together (like always) and I love the classic tones in it. I mean, seriously, the orchestra is so mesmerizing and Josh's voice and God, I love this song with every element it has in. It relaxes me but at the same time, inspires me. I want to stay and listen to it but each time some idea comes and I go over the piano and start humming some tone and end up with nothing at all because nothing makes sense put together. Anyway, this is one hell of a song, like the whole album actually, but Ever After just caught my attention faster than the other. And the Accapella part or the lyrics, Jesus! I'll just go back to listening it right now.

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