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Normal Day

The next few days have been horrible for the female vampire.That one day happened fast and neither Stella nor Eric talked about it. It happened just in the spur of the moment.Except the fact that the only places she could go were the school and the bar and then back home, Alex and Eric were bickering almost every time and Nate was quiet, Stella also had to deal with her father’s family. Like, that day, it was Saturday and she was free of school and wanted nothing else but stay inside and sleep. Unfortunately, Emily’s younger daughter was just six years old and she wanted to go in the park. Of course Emily was too busy haunting hot guys to be attentive to her daughter and, who had to deal with the little pain? Stella.

“No.” Adrian rolled his eyes and sighed. “I’m not doing it.” Adrian looked at his sister, who was meanwhile glaring at me, and turned back and stared at me with an innocent pleading look.

“Please. Do this for me. She will start annoying me with how I don’t raise you right. I don’t need her on my head too.” He whispered to his vampire daughter.

“What about me?” I whispered back, narrowing my eyes. “They are already here. If they see me, they will start the annoyance. I don’t need more than I already deal with.” He sighed and rubbed his forehead. We both glanced back in the kitchen to see Aunt Belle glaring at both of us while sipping from her coffee.

“Do you think we can put a bag on your head? Or sun glasses?” I stared stupidly at my father.

“I don’t think so, dad. Tell Nate.” I was ready to leave when he grabbed my hand.

“Take Eric. He should take care of you. I trust him more than Alex.” I raised an eyebrow.

“And what about Nate?” He shook his head and sighed disappointed, glancing up the stairs.

“It’s something different. He’s…changing again. He wants to find his personality, back. I’m afraid he seeks what he cannot find.” He glanced down at the still curious Stella. “I’m afraid he wants some memory about how he helped you or what he has done, on his own. There might not be such a memory. He might feel…used.” I nodded.

Well, in the end, I did have to take little Gracie to the park. Thankfully, it was right in the center of the town so no vampire would attack me with so many humans around.

“Auntie Stella! Come, come!” It was so hard to hate the small girl. She looked so innocent and she had no idea what’s going to happen in the near future. I took a seat on the nearest bench and looked up at the sky. The clouds were moving slowly, like boats on ocean. Slowly and graciously, seeking for adventure like I was, until then. But again, there was also the rain. When the peaceful clouds turn black and watch down at the inferior creatures, from time to time attacking them with thunders and lightning. It’s not every time so powerful or destructive, but it’s frightening.

“Already falling asleep?” My eyes popped open and glanced at the male beside me. I smiled softly, looking into his ocean blue eyes. “Your father called me. It seems I have to play bodyguard for today.” I chuckled and turned my attention on Grace. She was playing with a few other children in the sand. When she saw me looking over she smiled and waved. I waved back. Her eyes traveled slowly to Eric and waved at him too. Eric was perplexed at first but smiled and waved back, eventually.

“I don’t understand why he put me in charge of such a helpless girl. She’s in danger as long as she’s near me. Everyone is. I might even snap and feed on her.” Eric rolled his eyes.

“You underestimate yourself, as usual.” I scoffed and playfully punched him. He raised an eyebrow and looked down at me, amused. “You’re such a child.” I rolled my eyes and folded my hands, pouting.

“Eric…what do you think about Nate?” He raised his head and glanced at his old, long ‘lost and destined’ love.
“What do you mean? He’s a nice guy.” I shook my head.

“Lately, he’s very silent. Shouldn’t I be the one in that situation? I snapped once, I’m going to snap again and my old self wants freedom. I should be the silent and emo one.” He started laughing, out of nowhere. I gave him a stupid glance and waited. “I’m happy my life seems so funny to you.” He stopped and narrowed his eyes.

“I guess…You never cease to surprise me with your…choose of words.” I rolled my eyes and playfully punched him, again. He playfully glared and that was the start of a new ‘confrontation’.

“Aunt Stella…are you done flirting?” I stopped abruptly when I heard the small, childish voice. I bet if I could blush, we would’ve. Both me and Eric. He, though, did something that shocked me. He grabbed my shoulders and put me into a hug, like the young lovers do.

“We’re done.” I started, smiling down at her. He let go of me and bent down to her. “What’s your name?” She blushed and smiled embarrassed.

“Gracie. What’s yours?” Eric stuck his hand out and stared intently, like he always does when it comes to humans, at the child.

“I’m Eric. A friend of your auntie.” Her smiled grew bigger and shook hands with Eric.

“Are you her boyfriend?” Eric glanced at me and smirked.

“Maybe.” The girl started giggling and I rolled my eyes, smiling. It seems Eric changed a lot since I first arrived in Firehole. He became much…un-Edward-ish.

“I think you should stop talking, Eric.” Gracie laughed while Eric glanced back to me.

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