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She couldn’t forget that night. It happened a few days ago and it was still fresh. What the vampire said, the information he told her was precious and dangerous. She looked all over Firehole for a Stella Blanche but there was none with that name. The documents she searched for weren’t in the library. And now, the only thing she can do is looking out after dangerous vampires. She got a hand through her hair, tired of the lately events and sighed.

“Are you alright?” She opened her eyes to meet a pair of brown big orbs. They were staring at her with such warmth but it was obvious there was sadness and worry behind them.

“ Um…did I do something?” He chuckled and shook his head. After that, he sat down on the chair next to her.

“No. I just saw you here alone and thought why not come and meet you.” She chuckled and smiled at the man.

“And the serious reason is…?” He started laughing.

“I just finished my date and I’m really happy that I got it over with. Also, I’ve seen you glancing over a few times. I was curious.” She smirked mysteriously.

“Curiosity killed the cat.” He nodded. “Well I was just observing. How come you’re so happy that you finished your date? Too much too carry for your age?” She intended it to be a joke and he did take it as one, he laughed.

“Yes. Yes it is. She was too nice.” He whispered the last part. The woman smiled widely.

“I’m Billie.” He shook her hand and smiled.

“Adrian. I do feel right now as a teenager.” She looked at him again. He didn’t look old at all and he was fit. He had big brown eyes, brown hair and a very childish like smile. He was cute.

Back home, to the Blanche residence, Nate was trying hard to ignore his aunt’s flirting. He was getting so pissed that he could swear he’ll torture her and let her half dead. He wouldn’t get his fangs through her filthy flesh.

“Can you let me breath for a mere hour?!” He yelled, finally getting it out. Emily looked taken back and glared at him. She left, Nate sighing freely. He got up too of the sofa and walked into Stella’s room. It was a surprise to see Stella already there, well on the balcony, watching outside. It was dawn and so the sun was changing positions with the moon. “Are you in one of those moments?” Stella didn’t even turn her head. He raised an eyebrow.

“What moods?” Her voice was blank with no emotion in it. Nate walked closer to her, inspected her. Something was different. One obvious clue was her pendant. The ouroboros was a strange reddish color.

“What happened, Stella?” The tone he had was the one of an older protective vampire. He wanted the truth even if she would still hide some information. She turned her head to look him in his eyes. Her orbs weren’t green. Not completely. It started as green but closer to the iris were red. “Did you feed?” She nodded. “On a human?” She turned her head back to the original position. “Did you?” She sighed.

“It’s complicated.” He raised an eyebrow.

“What?” She kept her head up and eyes looking outside, to the forest.

“To control myself.” His troubles expression let his supposed to be feelings show. “She wants out. She wants to be free. She wants blood and the possibility to choose.”

“Who?” His voice and face were cold. He got bold and serious. She sighed again.

“Myself. My true self. My soul. I can control my body but my mind is going crazy. I took a break from being who I am and now I want back the freedom.” He glared down at his sister.

“You are free.” She narrowed her eyes at her brother. The glint she had surprised Nate. He got the same feeling of inferiority as Tracy, but not as big.

“I won’t for too long. I can feel them and it makes me anxious.” Nate put a hand on hers and looked much softer at her.

“We’re here. You don’t need to be afraid of inferior vampires.” She looked down at their hands.

“I’m not afraid of them. I’m afraid of myself.” She took her hand back and walked inside, leaving Nate dumbfounded on the balcony, looking into the distance.

“I am too.” He sighed and walked in her room too.After that talk, Nate left and surprisingly enough, Adrian took the women, all of them, sightseeing. Stella remained dumbfounded when she heard about that. What could’ve been seen in such a small city? Trees? Part of her thought that maybe her father just wanted to let her calm down in silence. Unfortunately, there was a need of something more to calm her down.

She was on the bed when she closed her eyes and hoped for silence, just for a small amount of time. That’s when the bell rang, making the female vampire growl in annoyance. She She got off the bed, hard, and walked to open the door.

“You know, you can just appear out of nowhere in my room, like most vampires seem to enjoy doing.” Eric rolled his eyes and entered the house. Stella simply went and jumped on the couch.

“What’s wrong?” Stella shrugged.

“From where do you want me to start? Firstly, I can’t even get out of the house without feeling watched or paranoid that one of those vampires saw me.” Eric nodded, understanding the feeling. “I know it’s Alex and from time to time, Nate or even James! But I’m a big girl and if I could kill without remorse once, I can do it again.” Eric flinched.

“Why would you do that? No one wants you to become like that again.” Stella sighed and sat on her butt, legs crossed.

“Then why do these vampires come? Not for revenge? They want to kill me.” Eric saw how stressed Stella became and hugged her, close and tight.

“You have us to protect you. Nate won’t let anything happen to you. And even if I hate to recognize it, Alex will never stop caring for you.” He let go of Stella but remained close. He put his hand on her check and started stroking it softly. Stella smiled and closed her eyes. When she opened them, Eric’s lips were just a few inches from hers. Eric glanced at her lips hungrily. He has wanted her since forever and now she trusted him enough to let him have her. Stella had other plans, though. She smirked and flashed away from him. He growled and went after her. She tried to get to the door but Eric caught her and slammed her in the wall. They start kissing hungrily, the heat radiating from both vampires. Teeth slammed against each other, tongues started a passionate war. Eric’s hands started to travel from her waist to her hips and with one move, he raised Stella by her legs and she wrapped them tightly around his waist. He flashed into her room and threw her on the bed.

Their eyes were red like fire and the passion fully consumed them. Eric jumped like a wolf over its prey and started attacking her. Their kisses became more and more heated and rougher.

He hovered over her like an animal. He started attacking her neck and slipped his hands under her shirt as he straddled her waist. She laid her head back for more space and groaned. After her shirt was out of sight, Stella’s eyes widened as he kissed her harder this time, with more hunger. She wrapped her arms around his neck, slipping one hand in his dark brown hair, pulling it when the kiss was getting hotter. The male vampire got rid fast of her bra and kissed between her breasts, leaving red bruises.

Eric wanted her so, so bad, more than anything in his life. He had never thought he will get to the point his body will scream for hers. The peace was getting slower so Stella rolled the two over so she was on top. He didn’t even look taken back. She arched as his hands were on her hips, his mouth on her tummy. His blue eyes were even deeper than usually, lust and passion clouding his mind and eyes. She leaned in and kissed him deeply, tongues battling lustfully. She started trailing kisses from his lips to his check, to his collarbone where she stopped for a little while to suck on and eventually to his neck. She started sucking and nipping and she lashed her canines in his flesh, making the male give a guttural growl. She smirked but she didn’t expect his next move. He pulled by her hair hard enough to take her head and brought her face to his.

“No biting, Stella.”She glared. She left her hand wonder down to his pants and to his dick. He growled and slightly let go of her hair when she started massaging softly down there. He still had his pants on. Actually, both of them have them. Eric forced over and kissed her lips. The kiss became just a diversion to let his hands wonder down her fit stomach and to her short pants. Even if the kiss was still going, none having the need to breathe, and started unbuttoning each other’s pants. They kind of flew everywhere but nowhere important. They both stopped the kiss and looked at each other.
Right then he needn’t anything but to be inside the feisty vampire. He got his boxers off as well as her panties. He rested his forehead against her and plunged inside of her, deep and hard, which made the vampire female growl. Of course, Stella, being herself, started bucking her hips in the moment he got in, groaning and mumbling swears under her breath. He grunted as he started to move in and out at the same peace as her, rough and fast. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he bent his head down, resting it on the crook of her shoulder and neck. "Do you have second thoughts?” He growled and let his fangs show out and stuck them into her soft flesh. She groaned, her own eyes reddening.

He started to go faster and harder, getting grunts from her. At one moment she wrapped her legs around his waist, making him go deeper. “Shit.”They both groaned. She rested her head against his as he pumped harder and faster than before. She felt the heat knotting in her stomach and she was close to her release, yet so far. She wanted more, they both did. She rolled on top of him, still connected. Their skin slapped together, making a clapping sound, as they both moaned and groaned. “Dammit." He mumbled. She was going pretty fast and he was raising his hips up too, their muscles contracting.
She arched her back high, pressing her chest against his, when he rolled over her again. Her nails dug into his shoulders. They were both close. Eric held onto her tighter as he thrust at an inhuman speed. Her nails dug deeper in his shoulder as she could feel that knot in her stomach grow. She hissed and her vision got blurry and she came, hard. Eric kept thrusting a few more times until he reached his own climax too with a grunt, masked in her neck. His thrusts start slowing down and eventually stopped.

“I fucking love being a vampire right now.” Eric chuckled and laid next to her.

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