sâmbătă, 7 aprilie 2012


Have you ever felt like, I don't know, you have some link with a person who lives far away? Like you know that person at a deeper level. He or she doesn't even know you exist and neither did you until you just stumbled upon his or her existence. It's really freaking me out sometimes. That familiarity gets stronger and stronger each time I think about that person. Even one small thought and I feel how the energy around me changes. It's weird how many things started to happen lately, how i lost control over my senses and well, me. I crave to go there, I crave to meet that person but it's not obsession. Obsessions, crushes, etc disappear after a while but to me, this feeling just gets stronger and more powerful.

I just needed one chance to crack the door to unknown and now it eats me alive. It shouldn't be like that but I can't really stop it. I don't know if I want to stop it at all. I just...feel.

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