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First Attempt

On the other side, already at Fey’s was Alex. He was looking around for his ‘lovely’ date. Both he and Adrian chose to have their dates on day while James preferred the night. Alex had a slight idea why the older vampire wanted that but he didn’t say anything. The younger vampire rolled his eyes when he didn’t catch a glimpse of that girl that paid for a date with him.

“Women…” He mumbled. There was a time schedule they had to go with and that woman was late. Very late. Alex wanted to get over that and go home and relax or maybe call Stella but no, what’s-her-name had to be late. He glanced at the bartender and paid for another drink.

The door to the bar opened and got Alex curious so he turned to look over. There were two persons that entered and one was his favorite girl in the world. He raised and went smiley to her. The supposed date went smiley too and started walking over him but Alex passed her, letting the girl speechless, and went to Stella.

“What are you doing here?” He asked her. She shrugged.

“I had five minutes to arrive here where Tracy should be.” Alex nodded. He did saw Tracy in the back of the bar with a few other humans, talking loud and dancing. “What are you doing here?” She asked back, smirking. He rolled his eyes and glanced at the female sitting at the bar, watching them. She smiled at Alex and Stella chuckled.

“That’s my date. She paid good money for me. Lucky bitch.” Stella raised an eyebrow amused.

“Oh, lucky you.” She laughed more when he looked at her annoyed. She shook her head and pushed him towards the bar. “I’ll go look after Tracy. You go to your date.” He opened his eyes more and smirked.
“Fine. But you owe me for doing this.” Stella scoffed.

“I don’t. You wanted to go to the party and you wanted the attention.” He pouted but Stella didn’t seem to care. She smiled sarcastically and went further into the bar. Alex watched her until she disappeared after a corner. He glanced to his date, who smiled at him again flirty. He couldn’t do anything but sigh and hope she won’t be too pushy. He doesn’t want to kill her…at least, not yet.

Tracy was surprised when Stella arrived in exactly five minutes. The vampire smirked proudly and stared deep in her eyes. That stare gave a weird feeling to Tracy, one of inferiority.

“I’m here and like I said, it took me five minutes. Don’t forget you owe me lunch.”Tracy nodded and rolled her eyes, that feeling disappearing as fast as it came. Stella walked up on the stage, remembering slowly the time when she won her first prize in Firehole, and saw Austin talking with Roy. Not far was Alex who had a perfect view, his date staying opposite him, trying to get his attention. The vampire, though, wasn’t too interested in the female in front. His eyes were slowly trailing behind the human female, to Stella.

The entire rehearsal went worse than Stella could imagine. Firstly, Sam was indeed very harsh when it came to her dance and from some unknown reason, hated Stella with passion. She could as well stand and just breathe and Sam would start complaining.

“Stop!” Sam yelled, closing abruptly the song, again. She looked at each teenager and her eyes landed on Stella, who was trying to stay calm. On the other side Alex blocked his date’s voice completely and was listening to the girls. “Stella you don’t even try! Where’s the passion? Where’s your will to dance? I don’t want to be ashamed when we’ll get on the stage.” Stella rolled her eyes.

“I’m trying. I actually do but you seem to complain about anything I do.” Sam glared at her and walked closer.

“Maybe you should stop disappearing with Eric and pay attention to your friends.” Stella’s eyebrow twitched.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” She asked, slowly losing her calm. Sam smirked.
“I mean exactly what I said. Maybe you shouldn’t go with your boyfriends who knows where and come to school where your friends are. Then you might actually have an idea of what we are doing here.” Stella’s eyes flashed red when Sam turned her back and walked to her laptop. Austin saw how pissed Stella got and glanced expectantly at Alex. The vampire didn’t even blink.

However, everything faded from Stella’s vision. She could see just the mere human that dared to insult her. She felt something inside snap and a wave of memories came on her mind. She fixed Sam with a deadly glare and hissed. She started walking slowly to Sam, ready to snap her head. Alex saw what intentions she had and got up from his seat. The mad vampire was ready to grab Sami when Alex flashed there and caught her waist. He flashed again out the front door. Austin wasn’t too surprised of what happened but he was curious what will happen next.

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