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While Eric and Stella started bounding again, Nate wasn’t feeling too good in his own skin. From some time he felt different, now that he knew he’s a vampire made everything seem more complicated. He reacted different than his sister, to blood. His senses catch up to him. Trying to keep his mind off for a while he went to the only place he used to while having problems. The bar.

“A double tequila.” The bartender looked skeptical at the boy but got his drink. That’s how the night progressed for Nate. A shot, after another and another and another. Even the bartender was surprised how well Nate reacted He wasn’t drunk, not even a little. While still being in his own world, Ana walked inside with a few friends. She have seen him immediately and blushed but this was her only chance to talk with him alone.

“Hy!” Nate turned his head and tried to smile. It didn’t go as he wished.

“Oh, Ana. What are you doing here?” She shrugged.

“A couple of friends wanted to hang out. I promised I will tag along and here I am.” She smiled, happy with the conversation, until now. However, Nate wasn’t in the mood. He didn’t want to shoo Ana away, though. She has always been sweet and innocent.

“Innocent…” Nate felt something inside. It switched. His brain started working overdrive. It wasn’t the drink, no, it was something much powerful. It was blood. He could hear her pulse, which wasn’t too hard because she was very close to him. He couldn’t deny the easy prey he had in front. He tried reasoning with his desire but who was he trying to stop?! He needed it! Then, out of nowhere everything stopped, his conscious more exactly. Everything turned off. “Do you want a drink, Ana? I’ll pay.” Ana looked closely at her crush, a little perplexed, sincerely. She nodded. How could she refuse, anyway? Nate is a vampire, he had a charm that no boy could compare with. When her drink came, she titled her head in one side, showing a small part of her neck. Unconsciously, he licked his lips. When she turned her head back, smiling, Nate got out of his trance and smirked. Ana instantly blushed.

Back with Eric and Stella, things were how happy they could get. It was close to night and they couldn’t figure how the time flew so fast. Stella finally made Eric cook with her. It was a surprise. He actually knew how to. When it was time to leave, or more like when Stella’s father dragged Eric to the door in a professional way, both vampires felt something was weird. None commented, however. When Stella went back to her room, guess who was there?

Stella's POV

“Nice.” When I opened the door I saw Alex with one of my bras in his hands. I wanted to blush right then but thankfully, I didn’t. I walked to my dresser annoyed and took it out from his grasp. I put it back and turned to see a very amused vampire. “It was nice. I like red.” I rolled my eyes and jumped on my bed.

“You finally woke from Wonderland?” He raised an eyebrow and jumped on my bed, too. “You completely spaced out in the forest.” His mouth made a small ‘o’ .

“Had fun with Eric?” I smiled, remembering how perfect today has been. He’d seen my happiness and tried looking content but it was easy to see it’s false.

“I guess so. It has been one unexpected nice day.” He nodded and leaned on the mattress.

“I freaked a little when I haven’t seen you anymore in the forest. But then I remembered the phone call you got.” I raised an eyebrow, amused.

“I thought vampires don’t care…?” He rolled his eyes but this didn’t stop the smirk.

“Depends…I don’t give a shit about your friends, hell I don’t give a damn about anyone except you.”

“And Nate.” I continued. He gave me a funny look, which I couldn’t help but chuckle at.

“Nate is a big boy. He’s older than me, you, why should I care what he does or what happens to him?” I put a finger to my lips and concentrated to find a good answer. “Sometimes, it’s good not to think. It saves time and knowledge.” I rolled my eyes at his illogical response.

“What if he kills someone?” I got really worried for my brother. It's in his blood to do stupid things. Kind of like me but much…closer to illegal.

“And what if he does? I did and nothing happened.” He saw everything in such a simple way.

“And what if the police find out vampires live here? And what if they find out who these vampires are?” He shrugged.

“It can be anyone. Plus, people would think is some sadistic cult, Dracula’s lovers. No one believe that vampires are real. Simple as this.” I sighed and closed my eyes.

“Can vampires transform in bats? That’s how you always come in my room?” I heard him choke and opened my eyes.

“I kind of saw this coming. It’s the only thing you didn’t ask yet.” He said looking down at me, slightly chuckling. I scoffed and closed my eyes back. “We can’t. I mean, actually I never tried.” He raised an eyebrow and looked deep in thought. “You could try. I’ll put this on the list.” I got up and looked dumbly at him.

“The list? What list?” He put his smirk back on and opened his eyes more.

“What-should-I-make-Stella-do. Or more originally, Alex says list.” I shook my head and started laughing. “Right now, Alex says to…spend tomorrow with him. Of course until you go to that stupid girl association.” I started laughing more.

“Sleep over.” He nodded.

“Right. That’s when girls plan on destroying the male specie.” I threw a pillow at him and continued to laugh. He started too…alright, it was more like a widened smirk while chuckling, but let’s say laugh.

“True. You’re too many. We need to get rid of a few.” He shrugged.

“From my point of view you can do anything you want. Less stupid and hormonal human males…” He raised his finger and pointed to himself. ”More me.” He continued smirking while moving his eyebrows up and down. This vampire was something…

“Yeah. I bet you’d screw every girl you found hot.” I said jokingly.

“Almost done.” My eyes widened and my mouth opened wide. My lips curled in a smile and I pushed him lightly.

“You man-whore!” He faked a sad face and pouted. It didn’t last too much, though. He started smirking and got closer to my face. I stopped and watched him.

“You hurt my feelings. I should punish you.” That look in his eyes was fiery, those blue eyes were amazing.

“So captivating…” I whispered,slowly raising my hand. His eyes traveled to my lips but came back to my eyes, fast.

“I know you are. But what am I?” He whispered, his lips coming even closer. I raised an eyebrow and pushed him on one side. “Hey!” I rolled my eyes and pushed him harder, making him fall off the bed. He got up fast and flashed in front of me again. “That wasn’t very nice.” I chuckled and ran to the door but he got there before me. I turned and ran to the balcony. I was still running to the door, and I just jumped on the bed to get there easier. Surprisingly, Alex didn’t use his speed anymore. He was between the bed and the door. I tried to flash there but he caught me. We were both chuckling, his grip around me tightening. He pulled me really close, our bodies and noses touching. “Stupid.” I raised an eyebrow.

“I know you are. But what am I?” He started chuckling, while I pulled away. It was fun, spending time with Alex.

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