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With Nate things weren’t really good. Ana was in danger, yet there was she, drinking with her crush.

“You seem more relaxed.” He raised an eyebrow at the slightly drunk girl next to him. “You’re usually very…strict, calm, reserved. The only person you’re talking with is Stella.”

“I know. These past few days have been harsh. With moving and things…” She nodded, though Nate wasn’t sure if she understood what he said. He called the bartender and paid for another shot.

“I think that’s enough for me.” Ana said, leaning a little on him. He tensed. He didn’t really know how much he could go with this stupidity. He turned his head on one side and sighed, annoyed, and when he faced her again, he had his trademark smirk. She almost melted on that spot and accepted. After she finished, Nate got up.

“Do you want to walk?” She narrowed her clouded eyes at him. Eventually, she nodded. Nate took Ana through the forest, far from the city.

“This is a walk? It’s freezing here!” In her drunken state, she almost tripped but Nate caught her. He rolled his eyes and dragged her deeper into the woods. “Where are we going, anyway? How are we going to return to the city?” Nate smirked and pushed her into a tree.

“I’ll find my way around.” He bent down and kissed her fully on the lips. She responded in an instant. The kiss grew more passionate, Nate’s body pressing on Ana’s. He lifted her legs, wrapping them around his torso. He broke the kiss and looked down at her. “Do you like me, Ana?” The girl nodded, speechless. “Would you like it if I made your life more interesting?” She nodded again and kissed him. He stopped and leaned in even more, touching her ear with his lips. “I should say I’m sorry” He titled her head on one side. “But I would lie.” His voice was husky and evil. His eyes reddened and sank his fangs in Ana’s neck. She tried to scream but he put his hand over her mouth. He sank his teeth deeper into the flesh. The girl tried to break free but he was stronger. Eventually, the struggling stopped.

Stella was watching TV in the living room with Alex, who was all over the vampire girl, making her eyebrow twitch.

“Get your hands off.” She said while getting his hands off of her. He smiled innocently and sat normally. While watching the movie, something broke. Stella’s eyes widened.

“What did I do now?” Alex asked annoyed. She flinched and got up fast, breathing slowly.

“Alex…it feels weird but…My heart hurts. Something wrong happened.” He raised and walked close to her. “Oh no…Nate.” She flashed in front of his room and knocked. Nothing. She opened the door and again, nothing. Nate wasn’t home. She went back in her room and dressed fast. Alex watched Stella a little worried.

“What happened with Nate?” She finished dressing and looked up at him.

“Me and Nate have a strong bond, as you know. My heart started pumping and I felt excited. This means one thing.” Alex's eyes widened, finally getting her point.

“Blood.” Stella nodded. “Where is Nate, anyway?” Stella stopped midway to the front door and thought. Usually, when he’s mad, sad or just wants to forget about his problems, he goes to…

“The bar.” Alex nodded and they both flashed out the door. During the ride to Fey’s, where Stella was more than sure her brother went, Alex couldn’t stop glancing from time to time to her. She was indeed different than thousands years ago and he was more than sure that she could get more dangerous than the last time.

Stella's POV

When we arrived at the bar, I fastened my pace, worried. Nate had done something stupid and I knew it. I stopped a few feet away from the bartender and glanced at Alex.

“Leave this to me.” He raised his eyebrow at me, curious while I straightened myself. I made my way slowly to the young bartender and smiled flirty. He caught my eye and smirked.

“Hey, there. Haven't seen you around before” I continued smiling.

“Maybe because I'm a good girl." He chuckled lightly." Do you know everyone here?” He nodded and leaned closer. “Would you do me a favor?” His smirked intensified.

“Depends. What would I get instead?” I shrugged innocently.

“I just need to ask you a little, tiny thing.” I said and started doing circles with my finger on his chest. I could feel Alex’s eyes boring into my head, amused.

“Anything for you, as long as I get something before.”

“And what might that be?” He leaned even closer.

“Just a kiss, maybe a date later.” I stopped my actions abruptly. I took a nice grip of his shirt and pulled him closer, our noses touching. My eyes weren’t anymore green, from what his eyes were telling me.

“Let’s stop these games. I want to know if a guy was here. He has brown hair, blue eyes, he drinks a lot.” He didn’t say a word, which annoyed me. I narrowed my red eyes and something clicked in his mind.

“There was a guy who bought a lot of alcohol. There was also a girl. They were chatting. He said something about a walk.” I kept my gaze firm.

“Who’s the girl?” He flinched when my grip tightened.

“Anastasia Whirl.” I pushed him away, making him almost fall, and thought about this name. It sounded familiar. That's when I figured.

“Ana!” I whispered. I glanced back to Alex, my eyes wide and worried. I walked out faster, Alex right next to me.

“So, where are we going?” I stopped and looked around. I sighed.

“I’m not sure. He has to be somewhere in the forest, somewhere dark…I don’t know. Where would you take a girl to suck her blood?” I asked turning to him. He smirked and his blue eyes glistened. He took my hand and flashed into the forest. He took me deep into the woods. It was cold, the wind blowing was harsh and it just felt wrong. I fastened my pace and arrived in a small clearing. There was a body near a tree. I walked there, step after step my heart beating faster and faster. I bent down and turned the girl around, to see her face.

“Ana!” I whispered, shocked. “I can’t believe it.” Alex came behind me and put a hand on my shoulder. I couldn’t believe my eyes. She has been bitten…by Nate! My brother, blood from my blood, have just killed an innocent life. And Ana admired Nate so much. She has been killed by her crush. “She’s dead…” I mumbled.

“Do you want me to get rid of it?” I shook my head, my disappointed look boring into Ana’s body.

“Leave.” It sounded like a mumble which made Alex lean closer. “Leave.” I said, more powerful. He was a little surprised.

“What? Are you sure? I’ve done this before.” I turned my head to face him, red eyes meeting clear blue.

“I said leave.” It was something in my voice that made Alex flinch. He backed off and left. I sighed and simply stood there. I had to make it seem like a crime and I knew with what I would start.

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