luni, 30 aprilie 2012


While Stella and Eric were happily enjoying their time, eyes from afar were watching intently. Alex bent his head down when he saw how much Stella smiles around Eric. He turned his back and walked deeper into the forest. Surprisingly, he wasn’t that jealous. He felt a small pain inside his head, not heart. Vampires usually don’t have feelings and when they have, the supposedly feelings are just lost emotions. Pieces that link vampires to humans. The younger vampire sighed and closed his eyes. He felt at ease, knowing there’s someone with Stella. Right then, he really didn’t give a shit about the vampires after him. He just wanted to keep her safe, in the end, that’s the reason he even came back to Firehole. He grabbed the small pendant from his back pocket and stared at him. It shined brightly in the sun, reflecting a shadow behind. Alex’s eyes became emotionless and blank, no emotion or glint coming out of them. He put the small silver Caduceus back and stared in front. He waited there, now feeling more than one vampire around. The creature was getting closer and when it launched at him, Alex’s eyes changed and his fangs grew bigger. He turned in time and caught the vampire’s fist, throwing him hardly into the distance. After that one, came more. Alex found himself cornered by five vampires, in no time. He didn’t glare at none, but they did. They were furious.

“Finally found. You’re a hard one to catch, aren’t you Alexander?” He rolled his eyes.

“Well, I’m sorry. Next time I’ll go somewhere else, in a clearing or maybe the dessert. That way you’ll be able to find me in a second. I’d be the only dead body walking around.” He stopped for a moment, seeing as the vampire who talked got annoyed. “Like a zombie.” He finished smirking. Another unknown vampire launched at Alex but he simply got out of the way. “That’s all you’ve got?” Other two vampires launched at Alex and he started fighting with more force. He threw one in a tree while he punched the shit out of the other. When he thought it was enough he stopped and threw that one too. He turned back to the gutsiest one and smirked. “Aren’t you going to fight me too, Ames?” The vampire, Ames, glared at the much younger vampire but didn’t do anything. Both vampires felt someone stronger coming their way. Ames left, his powers too rusted for the older vampire. James arrived in the spot exactly when everyone but Alex left.

“Thanks for ruining my fun.” James rolled his eyes at the powerful but still young male vampire. Alex glanced to where he has thrown the three vampires. “What about them?” James smirked and flicked his fingers. Yells started erupting into the silence. Alex raised an eyebrow and walked closer to James.

“Done.” James’s smirk was very much like the one Stella used to have. Sadistic, evil, scary.

“How did you do that?” James started chuckling and turned his back, ready to go back home. He had a date that night and he was just so anxious to meet his dinner.

“Family secret.” That was the last line he said before flashing out of there. Alex rolled his eyes and went back to the nothing he was doing.
Back with Stella, Eric was a very good company. Gracie took the freedom to grab both vampires by their hands and swing them while walking to get ice cream. The child’s innocence started rubbing on Stella, a lot. She didn’t want to get her to the park yet it turned out to be a pretty good idea.

“So, Stella…” I stopped spacing out and looked at Eric. In that moment he looked exactly like any other senior student. “You never really told me about your life.” I raised an eyebrow amused.

“Which one?” Eric chuckled and shook his head.

“The one where you didn’t become a killing machine.” I narrowed my eyes playfully at him and smirked. I glanced in front and saw an ice cream shop. It wasn’t like the old ones where it was just a car driving around with the same old music after it. It was very modern, with chairs and tables. Actually, it looked pretty much like a small cafe, but with ice cream. Eric trailed his eyes to where I was looking and smiled. “Gracie, do you want ice cream?” She looked up at him with shining eyes and nodded. I chuckled. In that very moment I really felt like an aunt. A very old one. We walked there and Eric bought each one of us an ice cream with strawberry topping. I licked my lips, thinking about how much it looked like blood. Unfortunately, I drank none the whole day and even if I didn’t look like, I could feel the slight burning in my neck. When I looked up, Eric was staring at me. After he shook his head and scolded me, we sat at one of the tables outside. Gracie was absorbed in her dessert so Eric took the liberty to start back the conversation. “Well…?” I sighed and licked the topping.

“You’re seriously interested?” He nodded and made an approving noise. “Alright. I guess I’ll start with the beginning. I don’t remember anything before the day I met Adrian.”

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