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In the morning Nate was peacefully reading some book on his bed. He seemed very calm and happy, like nothing was wrong. Until Stella arrived home, clothes dirty. She went directly in her room and took a shower. After she changed in something clean she flashed into Nate’s room. He was shocked when his sister pushed him into the wall, eyes red and furious.

“You bastard! You killed Ana.” His eyes widened, mouth opened. He glanced on one side, ashamed. “I can’t believe you. I know we’ve just started this thing with vampires again and these past days have been hard and stressful but how could you?! For God’s sake, Nate! She liked you! She had a crush on you! And what have you done? Suck her blood out and let her body somewhere far from the city. Did you think no one would find her? Did you think Iwouldn’t find her?”I sighed and looked down at him. He let himself fall on his butt.

“What have you done with her?” I sighed again and turned to look on the window.

“I cut between your bites, make it seem like she was cut. I buried her somewhere near the gas station. Someone will definitely find her this morning and call the police. It will be a case without clues so they will close it.” He looked up at me, surprised. “I read too much.” I shrugged. “But that’s not the point. Nate…” I bent to his level. “You are my brother, my older brother, and I know you have done so many things for me and I owe you but I won’t clean your misery every time. I can’t. I thought you would change, being in a new town and everything, and you did but not as dad or I wished. I miss the old, old Nate that I heard about.” I sighed and walked to the door. “Get ready for school.” I said before closing the door.

I walked in my room and fell on the bed. I was exhausted. Last night I couldn’t sleep, I arrived just a few moments ago from the forest. I took a quick shower, again, took my bag and went downstairs. Dad was eating breakfast when I entered the kitchen.

“Where have you been the entire night?” I rolled my eyes. I opened the door to the fridge and took a bottle of blood. I drank half of it until I finally stopped.

“I don’t want to talk about this.” He glared at me and opened his mouth, ready to scold me but Nate entered the kitchen. I inspected him. He looked all cleaned up, even if he had a sorrowful expression. He felt bad for what he did. I wonder if I felt like this too after my last victim. I took my car keys and walked towards the front door, Nate on my tail.

We were on our way to school when I glanced at him.

“Look, Nate. I won’t judge you for what happened, is not my place to say something after what I did but…try to stop these little excitements. Don’t lose control so easily.” He turned his head and watched on the window. After I parked the car I stood still. “Put a smile on your face, Nate. People have definitely heard about Ana. Act as you didn’t know, act as yourself.” He nodded and opened the door. I got out slowly and closed the door. I went in the school and found Tracy crying. I took a deep breath and went to her.

In the class, sitting in his usual place, Eric was still thinking at what happened that morning.

Eric just woke up, a sick feeling in his gut. He opened the fridge for his own bottle of blood and went in the living where his uncle was. He sat down and changed the channel, seeing James’ boring face. Unfortunately, on the next channel was the news.

“This morning, at the gas station just outside the city the body of a young girl has been found. The police don’t want to talk about this unfortunate event but they did give us a few details. The girl had been buried and had a rather large cut on her neck. She died from blood loss sometime this morning. Her name is Anastasia Whirl, student at Firewood High School.” Eric stopped listening to what the man continued to say. He narrowed his eyes at the TV and flashed in Alex’s room. The younger vampire was on his back, staring at the TV in his room.

“What does this mean?” He yelled at Alex, pointing to the TV. Alex shrugged. It wasn’t something big or important for him. Eric’s eyes changed to red and he growled. He grabbed Alex by his neck, making the younger vampire glare daggers at him.

“I didn’t kill her, stupid.” He pushed Eric away, pretty easy. “Why don’t you go to school as a good boy and find out what happened, huh?” Eric glared at Alex but walked out of the room. On the way out, he grabbed his bag. He didn’t know what to believe but he had a feeling that Alex was telling the truth, he didn’t kill Ana.

Eric stared in front, seeing as many teenagers were already filling the class room. He caught scent of Stella and tears. He was worried yet his heart wasn’t beating differently. That’s when he remembered Alex’s words from the first day they met.

James already went to bed, after of course he showed Alex his own room. Eric wasn’t too thrilled, having Alex in his house. The thought was rubbing on him. He didn’t like Alex but he didn’t know why. Maybe Stella was the reason but, thinking again, Stella has never been his property. Alex has always been there for her while he broke her heart. Another thought that simply annoyed the male vampire. Trying to get his mind off it he went downstairs for blood. Yes, blood is what he needed in those moments. He was drinking, calmer, when the door opened. From the other side appeared Alex’s face.

“Oh, the vampire prince has a drink without his guest?” Eric glared at Alex’s smirking face. The playful young vampire did know his effect on Eric and he was quite happy with the results. “Let me guess, I annoy the hell out of you with my simple presence?” Eric continued glaring but nodded nonetheless. “Well, live with it. I will be around for a while.” He sat on a chair, opposite of Eric and stared in front.

“Why did you come here?” Alex raised his eyebrow and titled his head.

“For Stella.” This simple response made Eric tense. “Why? Are you tabling me as a bad guy?” Eric narrowed his eyes.

“You are a bad guy. You kill just to have fun.” Alex shrugged innocently.

“Everyone has a hobby.” Eric rolled his eyes. “Have you hurt Stella yet? This is your hobby if I remember correctly.” Alex smirked, and oh how much Eric wanted to punch the guy.

“I…” Eric was lost in his own thoughts. It seems everyone liked to remind him that.

“We both know you never loved Stella and she never loved you. Vampires don’t have feelings. Everything is up here.” He said, pointing to his head. “Weak vampires imagine they feel, but they’re just made up sentiments. The heart doesn’t beat for this. It beats to have blood running through our veins.” With these said, Alex left a thoughtful Eric in the kitchen.

Eric got out of his flashback just when he saw the teacher coming in. He glanced beside to see Stella sitting there, her mind wondering somewhere else.

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