miercuri, 11 aprilie 2012

Confused into Unknown

Since most of the time I live in my own little world where happiness is definitely not out of reach and money don't even exist, I started to think about life in general. It would be so much easier if people wouldn't be ruled by vices and would actually follow their values. But again, that's way too much to even dream in today's way of life. Anyway, that's all beside the point. What i have been thinking about is: what if one day you'd wake up somewhere else. Let's pretend you just got into hospital because of something, from an accident (which isn't fatal) and spuf! It would also be cool to not remember who you are but your brain would unconsciously know the language of the country you have just popped in. There, you'll just have to take it from zero, from nothing and build up your own life with your own hands.

Of course, in theory that sounds easy but practically is pretty hard...too bad...

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