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It seemed I fell asleep because when I woke up Nate wasn’t there and I could hear laughter from downstairs.

“What…” I raised myself groggily and got off the bed. I looked around to see a lot of Nate’s things in my room. I chuckled softly and walked out of the room. While still on my way downstairs I could feel annoyance. I chuckled again. In the living room was everyone: adults, sluts and children. Nate was on the couch, Emily of course, flirting with him.

I walked slowly, getting myself ready for what was about to come. Nate flinched when Emily put her hand on his back and looked behind, to me. Help He mouthed. I rolled my eyes but went and sat between him and Emily.

“Nice to see you, cousin Emily.” I fake smiled. She narrowed her eyes for a few seconds and turned back to her originally fake and plastic expression. I glanced at Nate to see him sighing relieved. Thank you He mouthed again. I nodded and turned back to see cousin Emily gone and Ashley’s oldest bitchy daughter looking at me from head to toe. “Is there something you need?” I tried to sound as nice as possible, but it sounded evil and bitter.

“No. You’ve changed from the last time I saw you.” I smiled innocently.

“Of course she did.” Nate responded in my place smirking. “You don’t have any idea of how much she has grown, lately.” He said, his smirk growing wider. I chuckled under my breath and glanced back at her face. It was priceless. Angry but surprised. She glared at both of us and got up. I glanced back to Nate and chuckled while leaning more on him.

“You didn’t have to do this. Now who knows what she may think or tell her siblings, the devils.” Nate laughed lightly and shook his head while getting me in a one sided hug.

“We are the devils.” I laughed too and got up. He grabbed fast my hand and stopped me.

“What do you think you’re doing? Don’t leave me here to die.” I smiled innocently shook his hand off. His face paled while I simply went upstairs, still chuckling.

I entered into my room right on time because my phone started ringing.

“Yep?” The voice on the other side seemed frantic.

“Is this Stella?” I raised an eyebrow and responded.

“Yes. Who’s this?” I heard someone shifting on the other side and the voice came back.

“Take care of you and Alex. He thinks they’re coming for you but they don’t even know you’re alive. I know I’m just a strange voice calling out of nowhere but, please, take care of Alex.” I furrowed my eyebrows together and frowned.

“What?! Who’s this?! Who’s coming?” I couldn’t hear anything except a long beep, meaning the other person hung up. I looked at the phone in my hand, thousands of thoughts going overdrive in my head. I sighed and closed my eyes. I went on the bed and rubbed my temples. While trying to relax and clean my head off those horrible thoughts the phone rang again. I flashed fast and answered it. “Who’s this?”

“Chill girl. It’s me…Tracy. I just wanted to tell you there’s a festival in the city.” I sighed relived. “It’s about dancing and teenagers and how can dance influence someone’s life or something like that. There will be a lot of contestants.” Hopefully she didn’t drag me in. “I signed us up for it.” And she actually did. Damn my luck!

“When is the actual contest?” I said while going back on the bed.

“A month or two but we have to practice until then. I already have a song, you just have to learn the moves.”

“Who else have you dragged in?” She scoffed. I could almost imagine her scolding face on the other side.

“It’s an opportunity. And I didn’t do it for me. I did it for Sam. She had always dreamt to become a choreographer but her parents have other plans. Now, this is for her. She does the choreography and we learn it. Embrace yourself."Unfortunately I didn’t feel any kind of feeling, at least not intense. I guess there was a small amount of pity. “And for your question. There’s me, you and Sami, obviously, Austin, Roy, Mandy, Matt and Randy. Four boys and four girls. So, get ready cause tomorrow it’s the first day of rehearsals. Bye, bye!” I hang up and groaned.

“Great. After I have to deal with my problems, I have to deal with hers too.” I put my head in the pillow and groaned again.

Downstairs, Nate wasn’t too fond of his cousins and he didn’t need bonding time. He flashed upstairs in his sister’s room and saw her sleeping peacefully on the bed. He smiled softly, event that happens rare, and sat on the bed, next to her. It’s unbelievable how such a nice girl can transform in a demon in just a few seconds. His smile stood on his lips while his hand moved the fallen hair behind her hear. She stirred making the male vampire take his hand back.

“What do you want?” She asked groggily.

“I’m going to Eric’s. I’ll spend my time there and maybe sleep over.”She nodded approvingly and rubbed her eyes. She opened her eyes and looked at Nate, who watched her like an older loving brother would.

“What?” Nate’s smile was replaced by a small laugh. Stella furrowed her eyebrows together and watched her brother weirdly.

“You don’t really look like a vampire. I remember you were even softer and baby-ish before.” She stuck her tongue out at him in a childish manner. “Are you coming?” Nate asked Stella while opening the balcony doors. Stella shook her head and fell back on the bed.

Stella's POV

“You go. I’ll come later if I feel too annoyed.” He nodded chuckling and took off. I sighed and closed my eyes back, enjoying the silence. However, it didn’t last long. I heard a big noise, like something just broke, and went downstairs. There were Ashley’s older daughters fighting over something. I seriously didn’t want to know what about but I did have to stop them.

“Troublesome kids.” One of them, Chelsea glared at me and smirked smugly.

“I’m older than you. I’m 20 years old already. You’re still 17.” I rolled my eyes. That’s what she though. I’m so much older than her. However, I didn’t comment.

“What are you fighting for?” Chelsea glared more at me and scoffed.

“I met a guy. Plus, tonight’s this weird party for money. Something about the most wanted men in Firehole. The women pay for some fun.” She smirked. I knew exactly what was she thinking about. “Mom and her sister will be there. Uncle Adrian too. He’s for sale” I rolled my eyes. Wait, the most wanted men…My eyes widened. That means…Alex is too! And so is Eric’s uncle! I glanced at Chelsea curious.

“You met a guy and you’re fighting a 16 years old teenager for him? How old is he?” Both girls glared at me. I raised an eyebrow, still waiting.

“He’s somewhere in his early twenties.” I heard the youngest girl, Natalie, mumbling. Thank God for great hearing. “But he looks younger.” She continued. “He has these blue eyes that simply get you entranced.” I was perplexed. An sixteen years old is crushing on someone who might go for her older sister any time? Humanity has gone on a weird path.

“Wait…” I stopped for a second. “How does he look again?” Chelsea glared at her younger sister and got in a dream state.

“He’s a little taller than Nate. He’s so handsome. He practically yells sex! Those blue orbs of his shine clearly and it simply amazes you. And his charm. And his voice! It’s so deep and sexy. And he’s really funny too! What more can a girl wish?!” My eyes widened again. I breathed out slowly, trying not to get worked out.

“It’s his name Alex, by any chance?” They both nodded and got back in a glaring contest. I sighed and closed my eyes. I could feel my eye twitch. “He really needs help. If I’m going to save his ass, he should at least restrain his habits.” I mumbled rubbing my temples.

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