marți, 24 aprilie 2012

Outta My Head

Outside, Stella still had fangs and red eyes. Alex grabbed her face and forced her to look into his eyes.

“Stella. Calm down. Everything’s ok.” Stella growled and pushed Alex into the wall, her hand squeezing his neck.

“Don’t order me around. I changed you, Alex.” The younger vampire widened his eyes. Stella let go of him and flashed somewhere. He caught his breath and gulped. That was bad news.

When the door to the bar opened, out got everyone from the small circle Stella was in. Austin stopped and glanced at Alex. Sami did too, surprisingly, but didn’t stop. Austin raised a superior eyebrow.

“That was just the beginning.” Alex narrowed his eyes at the teenager.

“What do you know?” Austin smirked.

“More than you.” Alex sighed and closed his eyes, concentrating on what he should do next. “I will help you because Stella is a good friend.” Alex scoffed.

“Yeah right. You’re just scared, pathetic human.” Austin glared and in a few moments Alex got himself in the same position Stella had him. “Ok, maybe you’re not that pathetic.” The human let Alex fall on his feet and kept the distance.“Tell your friends to keep an eye on everything. Mostly Stella. Don’t let her meet someone inappropriate.” Alex furrowed his eyebrows, curious. Austin left after those last words and so did Alex, forgetting about his date.

With Stella things weren’t too pink. She flashed away from Alex and went to the only place she felt partially free. The forest. It was weird how fast she relaxed once inside. She walked to the small lake, at a much slower pace than before and washed her face, trying to regain full control.

“The princess is losing control?” She raised her head, tensing. She turned slowly her head and came face to face with thin air. There was nothing, no one. “Aw, are you searching for me?” She turned her head to left and to right, still there was no one. “You can’t see me…you can’t see what’s inside of you. You can just listen, you can’t oppose. Like old times when you couldn’t fight back to your wishes or needs. Look at your reflection in the water. What do you see?” Stella did as the voice said and looked down. She gasped. Her eyes were red, her fangs were covered with blood. Actually, she had blood on her entire face and clothes. Her hair was messy and her lips were quirked up in a sadistic smirk. “You don’t like what you see don’t you? But that’s what you truly are. You can’t even defend yourself in your present situation. You have just two idiots fighting for your heart, an older brother, a human father and an older vampire that doesn’t give a shit about your fate. They can’t protect your forever. Open your mind, Stella.” The vampire started breathing harder, the air around smelling of fresh blood. She got up and away from the water. She backed off until she felt the tree behind her, her back hitting it.“Open your mind and revive. Let the real Stella Blanche out.” The female dropped down on her knees, her head between her hands, eyes closed tightly.

“Get out of my head.” The voice started chuckling, that sadistic tone still there.

“I am you. Today you wanted to kill that pathetic human. Today you just proved that I’m still there, locked inside your soul. You are me, your soul it’s mine and I will have it back, one way or another.” Stella’s head raised and gasped, the voice disappearing. She glanced down at her hands and sighed.

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