marți, 17 aprilie 2012

To Believe or Not To...

The day seemed to go faster than I wanted. In no time I found myself at the front door of my house.

“To get in or not to get in…” I heard something shift behind and turned right in time to get out of the way of a very powerful punch. When I got up of the ground I glanced around but no one was there. I closed my eyes and sighed. I opened them after flashing to the door. “Here goes nothing.” I sighed again and opened the door. The first thing I heard when I entered was a very annoying voice complaining about the house and other toddlers and kids running through the living room. I was blocked in that spot. Nate wasn’t home yet. “Lucky bastard” I mumbled and went in the kitchen. There was my father, his step-sister and her two daughters. Ashley was with her boyfriend, who it seems was a different one than the last time I saw her, but still young, and her sister Emily, with one of her daughters on her lap. Everyone turned to look at me when they heard the door opening.

“Stella! My dear Stella!“ I tried smiling my best but I already had that gagging feeling. “You’ve grown! But dear, you should really stop eating fast food. We don’t want you to gain.” I could feel my eye twitching. I glanced to dad to see him watching me sorrowfully. I glared at him, my eyes changing slightly to red. I sighed and gave my aunt a fake smile.

“It’s nice to see you too, Aunt Belle.” She smiled again and pinched my cheek. I narrowed my eyes at her but she didn’t let go. She stopped on her own after a few more seconds, thankfully. “I will go in my room. I have homework to do.” She nodded.

“Stella.” I stopped and looked at dad over my shoulder. “Nate will be sleeping in your room this week.” I glared at him for the last time and went into my room.

I was just closing the door when I heard something shifting behind. I closed my eyes and turned around. “You and I are sleeping in the same room from now on for a week.” Nate’s expression was priceless. However, his eyes didn’t change. He smirked.

“I don’t think so. I talked with Eric and James. It seems we are welcomed anytime to hang out over the Arche mansion.” I raised an eyebrow and smirked too.

“Really…Nice. We will see Nathan.” He chuckled and rolled his eyes, then jumped on the bed and turned on the TV. I shook my head and flashed next to him. At least we didn’t have to stay home too much.

Meanwhile, at the Arche residence, Alex was lazing off. The young vampire didn’t have anything fun to do and blood wasn’t needed for now. He thought of going to Stella and maybe annoy Eric a little more but he couldn’t actually enter the house. That vampire slayer had put defense around the house, just so he will be sure neither he nor Eric will enter and surprise them with an innocent visit. However, he got interrupted from doing nothing by Eric. He seemed to be in a rush. Alex raised an eyebrow and watched the vampire, amused.

“What’s got in your pants?” Eric didn’t seem at all fazed, which intrigued Alex. Usually, he got mad. “Really, now. What got you so…rushy?” Eric stopped and sat on the couch. He put his head between his hands. Alex raised an eyebrow and sighed. He got closer and that’s when Eric raised his head.

“They’re already here.” Alex’s eyes widened and looked worriedly at Eric. “They will start attacking soon. They will start with us, maybe with Nate too and then…” Alex sat down, his eyes looking straight ahead.

“She’s strong. She’s done it before. She can kill anyone, I know it. She’s even better than before.” Eric sighed and let his head fall back.

“She is. But they won’t give up. If Stella loses control then Firehole will become a battlefield.” Alex gulped and looked down at his hands. “Someone has to be there.”

“Nate is strong enough to protect her. We are here. I will call some friends if I have to.” Eric looked at the younger vampire. Even if he was a smartass and he hated him, they did have something in common. That’s the reason they were there, it was the woman they both supposedly loved and maybe still did. It’s Stella Monroe.

“It’s ok, Eric. Stella changed, as you’ve seen. No one will hurt her. And if they do, then they are already dead.” Eric sighed and closed his eyes, leaning deeper in the couch.

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