joi, 26 aprilie 2012

Mysterious Woman

On the other side of the town, more precisely in the much calmer center of Firehole where teenagers don’t have the guts or money to go, Adrian Monroe was sitting at a table of two, a young and pretty woman opposite him. They were laughing and talking and joking and it seemed his date was quite a catch. She wasn’t too tall, mostly because he wasn’t either, yet she wasn’t too tiny. She was perfect for Adrian but he didn’t like her in that way. She was a smart and nice woman but he was a vampire slayer. Not a good match.

Anyway, in the same restaurant was another woman with big green eyes, greener than Stella’s, reading the newspaper and drinking coffee. At first glance nothing was unusual, but at a closer inspection you could see she had guns and knives at her waist and in her coat. She was listening to the busy people around her and at the same time inspecting the surroundings. The newspaper was just a diversion, so she could work in peace. Her eyes traveled to Adrian a few times. There was just something unusual around him, even though she could swear he’s as innocent as he looked. She interrupted her thoughts when her phone rang.

“Yes?” On the other side of the phone line she heard something snap and almost smirked. “Found another one?” The person on the other line chuckled.

Found and exterminated. It’s weird, though. Too easy.” The woman nodded, even if the other person couldn’t see her. She had the same thoughts. Something wasn’t what it looked to be. Since she came in Firehole, she saw just a few night creatures and killed them instantly. Then, there has been that time. She remembered every single word that vampire said.

Raining, calm rain, silence on the road. There was no one except one car.

“Why do we go to Firehole, again?” A woman with green eyes and dark brown hair glanced at the teenager next to her and smiled.

“Because it needs us. Bloodsuckers aren’t something easy to deal with.” The teenager girl sighed and turned her head to watch on the window. However, something landed on the car, hard. The woman stopped the car and glanced again at her daughter. “Stay inside.” The girl scoffed. The mother smirked and took two guns from the back. She gave one to her daughter and they both got out, silently. On the car was nothing. The woman heard a noise coming from the forest. Both females looked at each other and nodded. They started to make their way into the dark. There was nothing weird and no noises, until a branch snapped behind the woman. “Dana…come closer.” The girl couldn’t respond because something caught her and put its hand over her mouth. When the woman didn’t hear anything back she glared at nothing in particularity. “Come out! Show yourself!” She felt a chill down her spine and that when she saw it. A man, in his middle twenties, with her precious daughter. “Let her go.” The vampire smirked cockily.

“Or what? Blow my brain out? It got old.” The woman rolled her eyes and shot him in the hand. Surprisingly, it hurt. “I know it got. But you’re an idiot if you underestimate a vampire slayer. These bullets aren’t like any other. They’re not just made of silver. I know vampires these days found a new weapon…amethysts.” The vampire started laughing.

“That’s old too. Amethysts were found by the noble families. There have been four of them. Two are still alive.” The woman was indeed surprised. She thought all of them died. “Blanche and Arche. The most powerful of all of them. But the most dangerous is Stella Blanche.” The woman flinched. “Oh, so you heard of her. It said that she was devil reincarnated. She’s under control now…but for how long?” The vampire started laughing again, darkly, but it didn’t scare the female. None of them. They were annoyed. “I’m here just to see her. Just one glance. I heard she’s pretty and smart. Vampires from all around the world will camp here for the same reason when they will figure she’s alive.” The woman gasped.

“But that means not everyone knows about her existence?” The vampire let go of Dana and flashed in front of her mother.

“No. No one knows, actually. They’re coming to Firehole for a different reason.” The woman glared at him.

“Why do you tell me this?” He smirked.

“Because Firehole will become a battlefield soon enough. And Stella, dear Stella will be the cherry on top. You” He started, pointing to both humans. “…will become our toys.” He laughed evilly for the last time and flashed away. The woman sighed and hugged Dana, happy that she’s alive and unharmed.

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