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Let the Party Begin

The day progressed even worse. The sisters were fighting over Alex while Emily and Ashley were with their mother already at the party. I sighed and rolled my eyes. I went upstairs and into dad’s room.

“Can I enter?” Stella heard her father yelling ‘yes’ and opened the door. The room was very different than hers and Nate. For example there was a small bed near the window and there was a total mess. Stella now could understand why her father was such a bachelor. He and his wife, because she couldn’t call her ‘mother’ anymore, weren’t made for each other and Adrian was still a young vampire slayer. Stella was quite surprised when her eyes landed on her father’s figure. “Wow.”She was amazed. He looked pretty nice and he had a cool personality yet there was no waiting line of women behind him. “You look hot.” Adrian turned around and looked at his vampire daughter.

“What? Have you thought your father is old and grumpy? I’m in a perfect shape.” Stella entered more into the room while chuckling. He wore a nice buttoned up shirt with his two first buttons opened to show the start of a nice and fit chest, and a pair of black comfortable pants. The most amusing was the fact he wore a pair of black converse. Stella inspected closer her father and could help raising an eyebrow as a sign of her approve.

“You really look interesting. There will be many women stalking you. Actually, you might be better than Alex.” He rolled his eyes and turned back to look in the mirror.

“Hopefully, no one will die.” The vampire rolled her piercing green eyes. People took Alex too seriously. He won’t kill anyone. Stella was sure he won’t, for her. She walked behind him and hugged him lightly.

“He’s a nice boy. I will be there too and so will Eric and Nate. Plus, there is one extraordinary hot and brave vampire slayer who can take down any bloodsucker.” He chuckled and hugged her back.

At Arche mansion Nate have been forced to interrupt the blood fest and Supernatural marathon by the older Arche, and change in formal clothes for the party he didn’t even know about.

“You should stop acting like you’re a celebrity.” Nate said rolling his eyes at Alex. They’ve been sharing a room just for the fun of it. Eric wasn’t too happy with Nate’s decision but the big brother had his reasons. However, back into the messy room that actually screamed Alex, the so named younger vampire was all over the mirror. Nate was getting annoyed from the simple fact that Alex was half drunk and half thirsty, which was equal to danger for humans. “I hate formal clothes.” That was the second reason why Nate hated Alex at that moment.

“These aren’t formal clothes.” The younger vampire occupied completely the mirror, checking himself up, completing with some thing or another. However, even if he looked pretty happy with the situation, getting human females without doing anything and practically throwing themselves at him, he wasn’t. There was one girl he wanted to impress and going out with someone who, who knows how much will pay for who knows how much attention she wants wasn’t a good way.

“Are you two ready?” Nate trailed his eyes to the already wide opened door and to the face that appeared. James Arche was really one of the best looking vampires. Plus, he’s one of the oldest too. Many women would beg and pray just for one glance over. However, no one saw him as such a hot character. Nate, Alex and Eric where as cool and hot as the older male, that was a fact.

“I hate parties.” James and Alex rolled their eyes. Eric came into the room too, looking as grumpy as Nate. However, there was someone he was very thrilled to see soon so he wouldn’t dare to comment. Plus, he could rub it in Alex’s face, even better.

At the party, which was held at Austin’s house, the Carrington residence, people were practically invading the whole mansion. The house was indeed huge and there were millions of rooms. Stella felt quite inferior, being around such a rich family. Austin doesn’t talk about his family at all. Maybe that’s the reason; maybe he doesn’t want people to treat him differently.

The vampires entered groggily inside, looking at everything and anything. Stella was right next to Eric and the three bachelors of the group were already getting lost into the crowd. Nate went directly to the bar and the ‘family’ got lost too, thankfully. Stella really didn’t want them around her anymore.

“Are you sure it’s good to let Nate drink?” Stella glanced at her brother. Her intense gaze made the older brother flinch and put the glass of alcohol slowly down. Eric looked amused between Nate and Stella. It was amazing how much power she had over all three powerful vampires.

“You’re something else, you know.” Stella smirked and walked forward, Eric right behind. While still walking around, every bachelor was in his own fan club. For example: James. Women went to him from the first time he put his foot in the house. He was talking with three women at once and still looked like it wasn’t enough. The vampire slayer, Adrian, was smiling and trying to look good while the woman he was talking with, and it was surprisingly, Tracy’s mother, was rambling on and on about something. Next was Alex. Oh my…girls were going crazy over him.

“Aren’t you going to call him over? I think your nieces will kill any girl that dares to glance at him.” Stella simply laughed and continued watching people around. Her eyes went to Alex and saw he was enjoying way too much the attention he got. Also, Eric was right. Chelsea was ready to jump on him and Natalie was glaring at her sister. She sighed and rubbed her temples.

"He's so annoying. It’s like he dares them to go and take a bite or something.” Nate and Eric looked at the unfazed Stella and started chuckling. She rolled her eyes and got up.

“Where to?” Nate asked his sister. She glanced at the boys over her shoulder, a bored look on her face.

“Exploring.” Nate almost spilled his drink while trying not to have a fit and Eric simply shook his head.

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