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In a small house, Stella and Nate were sleeping peacefully on the bed, Nate having his sister in a tight hug. The door to the room they were in opened and entered two men. One was old, with beard and white hair. He wore a dark suit and his eyes were staring coldly at his surroundings. Next to him was a much younger man, in his early twenties. He had brown childish eyes, brown hair and he looked very uncomfortable. He wore a different outfit than the older man consisting of a pair of black converse, blue jeans, white shirt and a coat. His hair was messy and he looked handsome. His eyes trailed to the elder and slowly to the two siblings. His gaze softened. The older brother, even asleep, was taking care of his sister. However, the old man wasn’t as nice as him.
“Wake up!” He didn’t yell, but his voice was firm and cold. The girl didn’t stir but the boy opened his eyes. They were red and it shocked the younger man. “Stay behind me Adrian.” The so called man nodded and took a step back. Like awaited, Nate launched himself at the elder and growled. He was ready to snap his head when he saw Adrian. He stared at Adrian’s soft eyes. He didn’t look like a vampire slayer at all. Actually, he didn’t look like he even wanted to be there and something was soothing about him. Nate stopped and grabbed his hands back. He glanced back, knowing Stella woke up and now watched them. He backed off, behind her. Adrian looked at the girl. She wasn’t that small but she looked fragile. Her eyes weren’t red but she did have fangs. He wasn’t scared, though. Not even a little. He walked courageously to her and smiled. Her eyes were so innocent that it broke his heart.

“It’s ok. I won’t hurt your sister.” He said knowingly. Nate still had his guard up. “I’m Adrian Monroe. What’s your name?” He started talking to her as to a frightened child.

“Stella. Why am I here? Where are my parents?” Adrian glanced to his master, curious. She was a vampire yet she wanted to her parents? Something wasn't right.

“What’s she talking about master Ronald?” The so called master signed for Adrian to sit next to him, on the other bed in the room.

“You have in front of you the worst and most dangerous vampire alive. That’s Stella Blanche.” Adrian glanced at Stella surprised. She didn’t look like a vampire in the first place, but a dangerous one. The one that destroyed so many lives. It was impossible.

“But she looks so…tiny.” Master Ronald nodded.

“There is a whole history behind her transformation. But one thing I know for sure. She didn’t use to be evil. Nathan, her brother, never left her side. He’s as loyal as you are, Adrian.” He nodded.

“Why do you show me this?” The master smiled; a creepy old man’s smile.

“Because this is your lifetime mission.” Adrian furrowed his eyebrows, not getting the plan. “You, Adrian Monroe, vampire slayer will take under your wing these two powerful vampires.” He gasped and stared at his master in shock.

“What?! But you said it yourself. They are dangerous. Why would they want to be cared of by me when they have each other?” The master stared deeply at Stella.

“They suffered and they still do. I’m sure you’ll teach them how to be normal teenagers with normal and boring lives. Your mission is to be a parent.” Adrian’s mouth was still opened. He trailed  his eyes over the two vampires who didn’t have the slightest idea what they were. They just listened to their intuition.

“Why me?” The master sighed and patted Adrian on the back.

“You’ve seen Nathan’s reaction when he saw you. That’s a sign. I knew your kindness will be enough. Maybe you are a strict and great vampire slayer but you have a good heart and I want you to teach them how to open their hearts too.”

“But they are dead. Vampires don’t have feelings.” Master Ronald stared blankly at his student.

“Then teach them how to feel again, Adrian.” The older vampire slayer left the room while the younger one stood there, thinking over and over again what he got into.

And you remembered this when?” Stella sighed.

“I never forgot that time. I just pushed it in the back of my mind. I never thought it’s important. I didn’t know what they were talking about. I was scared.” Eric nodded and Stella took it as a sign to continue.

Days have gone faster than Adrian would’ve imagined. Stella and Nate became soon accustomed with his apartment and with their new father. It has gone five years and Stella slowly became a beautiful teenage girl while Nate became quite popular through the town. Yet, there was something they didn’t understand. The other children were changing, growing up while they were the same. One day, Stella got too curious and went to her father.

“Dad…are you in here?” She opened the door to his room and checked for Adrian. On the bed was his body, exhausted, tired and every adjective that has a connection with the first two. “Are you ok?” The man groaned and looked up to his vampire daughter.

“What’s wrong Stella?” She entered in the room and sat on the bed.

“Why don’t we grow up?” When he heard the question, Adrian’s head raised instantly.

“What do you mean?” He never thought about a lie for that question. He knew it will pop up sometimes but he hoped it will be as late as possible.

“The kids from the neighborhood change, the girls have breasts and well…they just go through transformations. Girls about my age look younger than I do. They get what I have just now.” Adrian opened his mouth a little, thinking overdrive. “And Nate…he’s handsome but maybe…too handsome for his age.”

“Stella…you have to understand that some kids grow faster than others. Your and Nate’s bodies mature faster. That’s how it works. You never know when from 14 you get to look like you’re about 20.” Stella nodded, content with the answer and when she left, Adrian sighed and collapsed back on his bed.

Eric laughed when he heard Stella’s story. She playfully glared at him and hit him with her leg.

“It’s not funny.” Eric raised an eyebrow.

“It was obvious something was wrong yet you believed him?” Stella nodded, chuckling. Eric shook his head. “You’re something else.” The female vampire nodded smirking.

“You should know already how ‘different’ I am.” Eric glared at her smirking face.

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